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Awkward names derp - 6768407040
By TYKai

It's a Really Neat Color!

derp genius sir Rage Comics relationships - 5773774848
By Unknown

Well, Can You?

derp hair Rage Comics wtf - 6371191296
By BruteRabbit


derp insurance money pharmacy priorities - 6584078848
By Unknown

I Can Fly!

spinning derp - 6760146432
By Unknown

Why Can't I Hear This Picture?

self referential volume picture derp loading - 6847303680
By highhopes159

F as in Fail

alphabet delivery derp Rage Comics - 4960771840
By Unknown

I Can't Win With You!

derp picard facepalm Rage Comics you dont say - 6225368320
By Unknown

At a Certain Point You're Just Messing With Me

are you kidding me herp derp walking derp - 6875327488
By Unknown

Just Take It

coupon derp drive thru Rage Comics - 6417096448
By Unknown

Hopes of a Million Dollar Performance Career, Dashed

derp me gusta Okay - 6614650112
By yumTako


derp Rage Comics Spider-Man - 4926129920
By Unknown

Every Time ...

derp nothing to do here - 6594353408
By gacite

Still Waiting on That Program to Close

computers derp Rage Comics shut down skype - 6284538624
Via hiiammaddie

Wlvreen Pls

customer support derp Rage Comics spelling - 6499131392
By Unknown

My First Time Ordering Food Alone

derp fast food first time McDonald's - 8170185728
By BenjingtonRilliomeKrafterScotters3rdMarigno