Rage Comics


Just One of Those Days

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Created by Unknown


wii U poker face video games derp - 6792293120
Created by Unknown

Really, Brain?

derp - 6537612288
Created by Unknown

Stolen Wishes

fu troll face happy birthday derp - 8463989504
Created by death_by_rage


derp FAIL photos Rage Comics - 5247974912
Created by Unknown

Not as Dull as a Rock

derp mother of god Rage Comics - 6489609216
Created by Meowth8

I Love Greek Fashion

derp math oh god why truancy story - 6534664448
Created by Unknown

Those are Some Fine, Stout Boots

derp Rage Comics shoes video games wtf - 6158408960
Created by Unknown

Every Time ...

derp nothing to do here - 6594353408
Created by gacite

At Least It Won't Be Watery

derp ketchup Rage Comics - 5982769664
Created by HappyCamper12345

He Made His Own Hot Sauce

derp drinking - 6518968832
Created by Herpinson

I'm Sure This Happens to Everyone at Work...Right?

derp ikea you dont say - 6564666368
Created by Mizz_Glitchy

Yes, Today is Måndag

derp ikea Rage Comics - 6425364736
Created by Butchess

Save It For Later..

are you kidding me derp Rage Comics raisin rage - 6311836160
Created by RageComics4Lyf

Truly Hot Sauce

derp hot sauce Rage Comics restaurant true story - 6155541504
Created by Unknown

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
Created by Animators-Voice