Rage Comics


If You Know What I Didn't Mean to Imply

derp oh god why Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 6392359936
By Brady Murillo

Your Father Doesn't Wake Up When I Yell His Name

awake derp Rage Comics wake up - 5581806848
By Unknown


derp Rage Comics Spider-Man - 4926129920
By Unknown

I Park on the Street for This?

derp relationships building - 6652312576
By llucy4

It Could Be Anything... Anything

fun water swimming derp - 6818389504
By Unknown

Wlvreen Pls

customer support derp Rage Comics spelling - 6499131392
By Unknown

I Love Greek Fashion

derp math oh god why truancy story - 6534664448
By Unknown

I Hear There are Lots of Dudes There

derp friendzoned relationships - 6535003136
By Unknown


derp FAIL photos Rage Comics - 5247974912
By Unknown


bugs bike hill derp - 8569158912
By Unknown

Oh Lord Help

derp me gusta wtf - 6562048256
By Wheatley4269

It's My Birthright!

language derp parenting - 6692689920
By Unknown

Don't Be a Loiterbug

derp Rage Comics - 6461265664
By Unknown

At a Certain Point You're Just Messing With Me

are you kidding me herp derp walking derp - 6875327488
By Unknown

I Can't Believe It's Not Better

butter derp picard facepalm Rage Comics - 6100283392

A Day in the Life of Tech Support

tech support customer service derp - 6694230528
By Unknown
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