Rage Comics


Truly Hot Sauce

derp hot sauce Rage Comics restaurant true story - 6155541504
Created by Unknown

Salad Rage

customer service poker face derp - 6683228416
Created by VendorOfShame

Lol Brah, You Should Be Happy You Can Walk

derp driving walking - 6526237440
Created by Unknown


bugs bike hill derp - 8569158912
Created by Unknown

A Day in the Life of Tech Support

tech support customer service derp - 6694230528
Created by Unknown

Just One of Those Days

earbuds derp loading - 8009701632
Created by Unknown

They Were Both Mean

derp history Rage Comics tableflip - 6228127488
Created by EmJayH42

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
Created by Animators-Voice

Me No Speaky the English

Close Enough derp poker face - 6533667072
Created by WexemLol

This is Why History is Doomed to Repeat

derp Rage Comics video games - 6478946560
Created by robg94

Next Time I'll Bring A Chair

button crosswalk derp - 6204552192
Created by Unknown

Oh the Disappointment...

disappointment dictionary Okay derp - 7768013056
Created by Unknown

Why Am I so Slow on my Feet?

forever alone determined poker face rejection relationships true story Party derp - 6820323072
Created by twinklebot12

Publix Deli

true story derp - 6750412800
Created by Unknown

You're In My Head!

derp haters gonna hate Rage Comics spiderpman - 5788710656
Created by Unknown

I Hear There are Lots of Dudes There

derp friendzoned relationships - 6535003136
Created by Unknown
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