Rage Comics


At a Certain Point You're Just Messing With Me

are you kidding me herp derp walking derp - 6875327488
By Unknown

Bladder Rage

Y U NO pee bladder sweet jesus true story bathroom FUUUUU derp - 6820512000
By Unknown

Hopes of a Million Dollar Performance Career, Dashed

derp me gusta Okay - 6614650112
By yumTako

Such a Waste of Humanity

derp 3DS facebook - 6666998528
By rh0dr1

Just Take It

coupon derp drive thru Rage Comics - 6417096448
By Unknown

Oh the Disappointment...

disappointment dictionary Okay derp - 7768013056
By Unknown


wii U poker face video games derp - 6792293120
By Unknown

Close Enough

herp derp actor Close Enough derp - 6797917184
By Unknown

Not as Dull as a Rock

derp mother of god Rage Comics - 6489609216
By Meowth8

Save It For Later..

are you kidding me derp Rage Comics raisin rage - 6311836160
By RageComics4Lyf

But the Next One Isn't for MILES!

derp food parenting - 6511921920
By bender.christian

I Hear There are Lots of Dudes There

derp friendzoned relationships - 6535003136
By Unknown

The One Time We're Practical

shoes wtf girls derp - 6699949312
By acbrandt

Not You

derp Rage Comics winning - 5159838208
By Unknown

But Really, What Are You?

derp Rage Comics trees wtf - 6440776192
By Unknown

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
By Animators-Voice
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