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school college truancy story - 6587600128
By raider0609

College is Sooo Much Better

like a lady Astronomy stupid people sun high school college earth - 6550364672
By Nellymonky

I Can't Even Read My Handwriting

school Challenge Accepted oh god why handwriting college truancy story - 6866244864
By Unknown

Real College Student Answers

life growing up college - 8444453632
By BeezerMan95

College Life

haters gonna hate school me gusta determined lol oh god why college truancy story - 7787053568
By traversec

Major Pain

major finals college table flipping - 8397834496
By Unknown

The Study of Organized Idiots

anthropology college dumb Rage Comics - 5435431936
By Unknown

At Least I'll Remember It

studying fap computer soon true story college - 6863852288
By racheyB

Here, Take This Remedial English Course

classes college Rage Comics registration - 5384958720
By Unknown

The Perks of Getting Old

mother of god aging college - 6533819136
By Unknown

To-Do List

studying twitter school finals youtube facebook test to-do list college check - 6868703744
By Unknown

So Close!

snow day classes college truancy story - 7121198592
By Unknown

Christmas Break!

college dogs i lied pets Rage Comics Sad - 5189163008
By Sintos

I Just Have to Draw Some Stuff

art best of week college finals Rage Comics - 5552129536
By Lianaza

And There It Goes...

pets poker face turtle college - 7231700736
By Unknown
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