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On Second Though, We Don't Want You

Challenge Accepted college FAIL Rage Comics - 5737825024
By techieforeva

I Can't Even Read My Handwriting

school Challenge Accepted oh god why handwriting college truancy story - 6866244864
By Unknown

Now You're Ready to Do it Again Next Week!

procrastination college computer guy - 7946553088
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Great Class or Sugar Rush

candy college hunger Rage Comics skittles - 5460573952
By Unknown

The Evolution of the Nap

sweet jesus naps funny college truancy story - 7448815104
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Real College Student Answers

life growing up college - 8444453632
By BeezerMan95

Girlfriend's House

house embarrassing girlfriend condoms college backpack - 6849371136

In College

school blueberry man classes Okay college - 6820649472
By Unknown

Finals in a Residence Hall

studying finals college - 7948627200
By odogcombover

What is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

school elementary school middle school sleep high school funny college truancy story - 7444027904
Via freakykid99

Put a Sock on the Door or Something!

roommates college vacuum - 8380441344
By Unknown

College is Hard

classes please challenge considered college computer guy - 8012420864
By Unknown

Astrophysics Rage

high school college truancy story - 7430351360
By Unknown

I Can Buy Actual Food Today!

school poor money college truancy story - 6850523136
By Unknown

Why is She My Friend?!

wtf jackie oh god why college truancy story - 6681254912
By Unknown

School Throughout the Ages

school elementary school middle school high school sleeping funny college truancy story - 7534212864
By InfernoArmor