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Scumbag Economy

book college - 6849126400
Created by Zero

You Can't Go to College in My Pants

are you kidding me college Rage Comics that sounds naughty truancy story - 6479757824
Created by Boyofdestiny001

Every. Single. Semester.

college failing fear grades passing Rage Comics - 4952709120
Created by montizzle13

Here, Take This Remedial English Course

classes college Rage Comics registration - 5384958720
Created by Unknown

Dorm Showers: The Bane of My Existence

sweet jesus showers college - 6550485760
Created by Unknown

My Baby Sister Could Do This

annoying college Rage Comics - 5230397952
Created by UnderdogAsh ( Via chroniclesofagamer.tumblr.com )

I Can Buy Actual Food Today!

school poor money college truancy story - 6850523136
Created by Unknown

Now You're Ready to Do it Again Next Week!

procrastination college computer guy - 7946553088
Created by Unknown

To-Do List

studying twitter school finals youtube facebook test to-do list college check - 6868703744
Created by Unknown

So Close!

snow day classes college truancy story - 7121198592
Created by Unknown

I Think I'm an Overly Attached Dog Owner

dogs college emotions - 6529521664
Created by Unknown

Put a Sock on the Door or Something!

roommates college vacuum - 8380441344
Created by Unknown

Christmas Break!

college dogs i lied pets Rage Comics Sad - 5189163008
Created by Sintos

College Men's Room

shower bathroom oh god why college - 8111987712
Created by Jake

College Rage

rage job hunt college - 8385547520
Created by Unknown

Dress Code

are you serious shirts college - 6824224000
Created by Unknown