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The Perks of Getting Old

mother of god aging college - 6533819136
By Unknown

At Least I'll Remember It

studying fap computer soon true story college - 6863852288
By racheyB

The Truth About ALL of My Classes

all the guy all the things class college Rage Comics - 5064433920
By Unknown

Please Tell Me the Bookstore Accepts Returns

college okay face Rage Comics school textbooks - 5103223552
By runningrogue

Is That Where Mom Sends Money?

chex college idiot Rage Comics seriously true story wtf - 5099117056
By Unknown

Why I Don't Socialize With Other Biology Majors

school major science biology college - 8377882624
By Unknown

I Can't Keep Up This Façade Forever

school rejected Okay college truancy story - 7571467008
By Unknown

Every Time I'm Home From College

family college oh god why vacation - 7984242176
By Unknown

And Here I Thought I'd Be Wiping Myself With Twenties

college derp high school milk money Rage Comics - 5103173888
By Unknown

That's Not How You College

genius spelling college - 7577036544
By bags957

College in a Nutshell

class college - 7018135552
By Unknown


school college truancy story - 6587600128
By raider0609

College Life

haters gonna hate school me gusta determined lol oh god why college truancy story - 7787053568
By traversec

Differences Between Books

elementary school reading books college - 7969878272
By SanBimbo

So Close!

snow day classes college truancy story - 7121198592
By Unknown

And There It Goes...

pets poker face turtle college - 7231700736
By Unknown