Rage Comics

I Know You're Cheating; Women Can Sense These Things

poker face Rage Comics raisin rage relationships table flip - 6482657536
Created by Unknown

I've Had It With Bitstrips

facebook bitstrips - 7893638144
Created by death_by_rage

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Giving Presentations

are you kidding me Rage Comics raisin rage work - 6334448128
Created by IllowolfRawr

Sorry, Books...

reading books video games xbox 360 funny - 7528514304
Created by enchantedphlegm

I've Taught Him Well

farts hamster raisin face - 6518622720
Created by Vonicon

Wins vs. Real Wins

mother of god Like a Boss Pokémon shiny pokemon ayfkm - 7907515904
Created by Unknown

Classic: Must Troll TV

buttons FAIL Rage Comics remote - 5235048704
Created by wet_meme

Nintendo, Why...

toad oh god why video games nintendo - 7586640640
Created by robert0_122

This is Risky Business

bad poker face lol Rage Comics true story - 6381900288
Created by Wooper_Productions

This Never Heracrossed My Mind

Pokémon oh god why - 6875174912
Created by Swift-Justice

Scumbag Dalek Exterminates ALL the Things

doctor who Rage Comics Y U NO - 5407930112
Created by Unknown

And the Stork Will Bring Us Lots of Babies

love marriage oh god why - 6512884992

So Close

moms chores Okay - 7921583360
Created by Unknown

It's the Perfect Excuse

me gusta Oreos eating cookies - 8444130560
Created by Unknown

Internet Dating Tips

nothing to do here relationships oh god why dating - 7628844032
Created by Unknown

Patience is a Virtue

meta - 8148863232
Created by ThatEpicMoment