Rage Comics

Birthday Saditude

forever alone birthdays all the things - 7685027328
By Gemma_R

Quickly, Scroll!

problem Rage Comics troll face - 6037218560
By djweirdkid

Where Did I Even Learn That Word?

oh god why true story - 6542956288
By Unknown

Why I Hate Cold Sores

rage - 8176465152
By Unknown

So Much For Romance...

now kiss Okay cookies dating - 8427676416
By PinkieP

Re-Raged: Launch In Three, Two...

Reframe me gusta shower soap lol - 8137452032
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

They're All Gonna Talk About Me

neighbor Rage Comics - 6166345984
By Unknown

numbr of baest

Cheezburger Image 8129964288
Via RageComicsFTS

It Used to Be So Simple

oh god why math - 7838630656
By harsh.vardhan.7982

Classic: Never Worried

coca cola coke Rage Comics - 4994902016
By Ken M.

My Hidden Present Box

presents relationships - 8012257536
By Unknown


pain please - 8146587904
By Unknown

Perhaps I Should Have Thought This Through

towels oh god why - 7840056832
By impostergir007

My Toes Need Toning

chores clothes feet Rage Comics - 5334514688
By MyNamezTrl

I Wouldn't Have Been Listening Anyway

headphones listening mom Rage Comics - 5113390848
By tombsar

"Stop Calling Rage Comics Memes"

comments meta Rage Comics rude - 5219521024
By Vera