Rage Comics

A Nerd is Born Everyday

f yeah freddie public transit Rage Comics star wars - 6000067584
Created by Bitterbynde

Spoons Are Like Water Guns

doing the dishes - 7432924928
Created by Slenderguy601

Classic: Gotta Get Clean Somehow

pooptimes Rage Comics shower toilet paper - 4850095104

Like Father, Like Son

best of week Father Rage Comics son that sounds naughty - 5195951872

Usually My "Hip" Pops First

if you know what i mean sexytimes - 6578308608
Created by bestro

As a New Foreign Exchange Student

french raisin horror what have you done - 6579993088

What Changed When You Marked it?

homework school lies teacher - 8501169152
Created by gravedigga63

Bobbing for Saliva

gross Rage Comics wtf yao ming - 6226798336
Created by SeanLolz

I'm the New Doctor

doctor who haters gonna hate - 7969607936

I Worked so Hard for That!

me gusta Rage Comics raisin rage - 6083928064
Created by oerbadiavanille

Let's Hope You Don't Have to Drop a Bomb

me gusta microwave Rage Comics - 5765122048
Created by andy_187

I'm Introverted for a Reason

Omegle shyness introverts funny - 7508953344
Created by towerVP

These Are the Best Days of Our Lives

car radio Rage Comics song - 5527800064
Created by scotty5592

Sweet Pink Floyd

me gusta acid pink floyd sweet jesus - 7133754112
Created by trekkie1332

First of the noob work

Cheezburger Image 8504919040
Created by anka125

Deus Ex Memeina

me gusta Memes Rage Comics video games - 5135130368
Created by TomArto