Rage Comics

Stay Awake!

computer Rage Comics - 5174409728
Created by Knockzak

I Thought You'd Already Know

Okay parenting spoilers - 6581188096
Created by Unknown

Zynga's My Friend!

Farmville forever alone mail Rage Comics - 4786326784
Created by Unknown

At Least I Don't Have Justin Bieber Jr.

Music pluto parenting son justin bieber - 7625967104
Created by Koargo

Better Than Fresh Cut Grass

me gusta dat smell books new book smell - 7155115776
Created by Unknown

Jesus Took the Wheel

driving jesus Rage Comics - 4647889408
Created by AgentZero1337

Gosh Darn It!

herp derp meta true story table flipping Rage Comics - 8549483264
Created by danisivo

One Bad Apple... or Many of Them

Y U NO school f yeah true story teacher test late notes - 6781714944
Created by JakBed96

So Close... Yet so Far...

bed lazy phone - 6204510208
Created by WritingRabbit

Microsoft Rage!

video games kinect xbox rage - 8419899904
Created by Unknown

That Stupid Moment

itch showers - 7816363264
Created by Unknown

Still a Kid

ball pit - 8366514688
Created by Unknown

Inconvenient Farts

relationships - 7949046016
Created by Unknown

Did You Know Dell Makes Heaters Now?

computer Heat laptop Rage Comics winter - 5518885376
Created by pwnedurface

Math is Everywhere

math Rage Comics table flip truancy story - 6216107008
Created by Unknown

The Power of Crying

crying brother video games sibling rivalry - 8406658816
Created by Unknown