Rage Comics

Lock Logic

arguments relationships Jackie Chan logic - 8455701760
By death_by_rage

Granny Wants Me Dead!

grandma aging - 8437692928
By norman.hutton.9

Gotta Let It Burn

fu guy hate Mario Kart Rage Comics - 4974821376
By Unknown

The Judging, It Burns!

public speaking truancy story - 6558091008
By Fireballs

Forever in Limbo

forever alone Okay - 7849280512
By Burgercat13579

We All Have That Friend

happy birthday - 7112247552
By ravens4125

I'm Not THAT Stupid...

forever alone movies oh god why - 7226111232
By Unknown

My Cat's a Troll

Cats trollface - 7984112896
By 1_Samurai

He Sure Ripped One Alright

bad poker face fish pets Rage Comics - 6459612672
By CannotCook


owned smartphones texting funny ps3 - 7443189248
By FatPanda115

1,000,000 licks!

fu guy me gusta Rage Comics - 6444086016
By Unknown

The Thin Red Line

sweet jesus have mercy me gusta spiderpman - 6719795712
By Unknown

Stupid Benton

school Maps truancy story - 7654085888
By Unknown

Jedi Mind Trick

Music Rage Comics shuffle star wars - 6099293952
By HemmaGemma (Via thefairiesrevenge)

It's Kind of Like Washing Them, Right?

are you kidding me genius Rage Comics toilet - 6430172928
By Unknown

Fishing For Compliments: This Generation's Fishing

compliments facebook Okay computer guy - 8202341632
By tentoes2