Rage Comics

Internet Rage!

rage school internet wifi - 8386700032
Created by halo.reach.for.the.stars

Never Again!

Cheezburger Image 8516118016
Created by Kittehlolzrfun

History Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

picard facepalm duckface - 6745987072
Created by Konradtacular

Battery Life: 20 Minutes

Like a Boss laptops laptop battery battery life chargers - 6554569216
Created by davidadam

Mother Logic

homework video games logic mom grounded - 8392272640
Created by Endermental

No One Needs More Than Six Inches Anyway

me gusta poker face Rage Comics ruler truancy story - 6274094592

Slide Powers

Mortal Kombat static electricity - 7652048384
Created by DeathByColors

Knocked Out of the Park

wtf kids funny - 8469943552

Were You Even Listening?

customers hotel no phone - 6529654272

I Thought You Meant of the Things You Eat

cereal guy breakfast - 8119743232
Created by Unknown

Showers Are Way Better Than Baths

poker face sweet jesus showers - 7946754304

This Is My Message To You

angry birds Rage Comics - 5215833344

Curse You, Blue Screen!

computers blue screen of death high score trollface - 7944697600

Re-Raged: Cat Logic

laundry me gusta cat logic Cats - 6869617664

The Object to your left

Cheezburger Image 8536092928
Created by AwesomeBrah

It happens to everyone, does it?

friends Rage Comics raisin rage video games - 6479922432
Created by uglybob44