Rage Comics

How I decide what colour iPhone 5 to get.

iphone color - 6634352128
Created by jtcaseley1

PSA: Put Things in Their Proper Cases

procrastination psa video games The Sims - 7645189376
Created by hazhotdog

Dolan Gets Al Ladeys

april fools dolan and friends dolan duck Rage Comics - 6044934144
Created by Unknown

Not so Slenderman

Okay fu guy slenderman - 6633504512
Created by Unknown

My Super Power

me gusta static electricity great scott spiderpman - 6699326464
Created by abrosa254

Metric vs Imperial

rage Y U NO - 8438400000
Created by Unknown

The Life of a Completionist

reading books - 8058553856
Created by futang14

Why I Like Christmas

christmas presents - 6912175104
Created by smolde

Learning Limits

Cheezburger Image 7606842880
Created by Unknown

Toilet Logic

toilets germs gross pooptimes - 6650548736
Created by Unknown

This Might Be Why You Suck at Tennis

Pokémon Rage Comics sports - 5501971712
Created by omnomnomnommuffins

Stupid Phone

Y U NO phones charging batteries - 7892540160
Created by calvinmennyweathers

The Height of Multitasking

homework not sure if gusta Challenge Accepted dubstep - 8219141376
Created by Unknown

Every Year

christmas presents - 6891970048
Created by pikimaki

I Get It Now

puke rainbows nutella noms - 6703570688
Created by Shlitzle


sweaters temperature Cats - 6553018368
Created by Unknown