Rage Comics

Spoilers Go BEFORE the Explanation!

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Quiet as a Mouse, Eh?

hamster sleeping mouse - 6588146176
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Gamederp Selling Rage

expectation vs reality Okay video games it's something - 8168645632
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farts hot girls sweet jesus - 7186176768
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Totally the Same Thing

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Shaping With Shampoo

me gusta shower shampoo - 6991922432
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A Day in Biology

are you kidding me truancy story - 6569812736
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I'll Show You an Unexpected Error!

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Yeah, Right After I Finish This Level...

video games i lied - 6541691392
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Bring on the Cooties

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Easy, Tarzan

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Lunchroom Rage

buffet rage - 7949920000
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I See What You Did There.

mother of god I see what you did there cartoon network adventure time - 6877121280
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Just Wait Till You Get Called to Your Manger's Office...

kids Office school oh god why teenager - 8124210688
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...That Moment

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At Least Mine Has Role Models

Rage Comics star wars twilight - 5471665664
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