Rage Comics

I Always Pee Like Somebody's Watching Me

camera peetimes Rage Comics urinal - 6295439360

Dem Burglars Don't Know Me

house ninja Rage Comics - 4743917312
Created by imknotdumm

Death by Gum

fear gum - 8123289856
Created by AidanSW

I Know There Was a Waffle in There Somewhere

life Rage Comics - 5967072000
Created by Kalilah

Someone Needs a Geography Lesson

computer guy facepalm geography sisters - 7952519936

Classic: Spot Tease

driving fu gal parking Rage Comics shopping carts - 5103463168

Tradition Explained

black fu gal Rage Comics white - 6359009792

My Body Is Not Ready

children mother of god Rage Comics - 5898617856
Created by ChivesTheCat


Dragon Ball Z pool Rage Comics water - 4990836224

Yellow Light RAGE!

driving Okay - 7836420608
Created by piitr211

Yes Please!

aww yeah me gusta hardware store relationships dating - 7117197312

The Silence of Solitude

crunch etiquette forever alone Rage Comics - 6009010432
Created by CriminalyuvaL

Midnight Horror

numb wtf raisin horror faptimes - 6728777984

I'm Sure This Has Happened to You

pets raisin horror - 6603295232
Created by The_Dog

Bargaining Like a Troll

banana Rage Comics raisin rage - 6401992960

Facepalm RAGE!

are you kidding me facepalm sir no parents - 6544385024
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