Rage Comics

Y U No Actually Work, Prank?!

diet coke FAIL mentos omg run Rage Comics - 6236184576

Christmas with dad xD

Cheezburger Image 8571532800
Created by ekowturks

It's In The Family

Rage Comics troll watching you - 5864913664

Good Timing, Mom!

everything went better than expected mom Music - 8243585536

I'm Putting On a Show

huh pr0ntimes Rage Comics true story - 5734336000

You Dare Deprive Me of My Canadian Goodness?

breakfast tim hortons - 6552592640

Trying to Grow My Beard

sweet jesus beards - 7397348864

My Normal Facebook Experience

forever alone creepy facebook crush - 6876624640

Tu Eres Tonto

FAIL me gusta Rage Comics spanish - 4935622144
Created by Emily

Kaio-Ketchup x 20!

super saiyan french fries ketchup Okay - 6525690624

Mentally Unstable Mates

Cheezburger Image 8507178240
Created by PeaceLoveBeatles

Innocent Food Request Leads to Ridiculous Conversation.

cereal guy f yeah my mind is full of holiday true story food - 6666445568
Created by Unknown

I'm Listening

listening parenting Rage Comics video games - 6321941248
Created by xAhmedX17x

You Gotta Flip 'Em More Gently

cooking eggs Rage Comics - 4747952384

All that work for nothing!

school no - 8571500800

This Required More Skill Than We Both Thought

drunk peeing - 7753915392
Via goldmember52192
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