Michael Fassbender

bender futurama Hall of Fame homophone literalism surname - 6321594880
Via Monday Punday

A Flock of Segels

surname similar sounding homophone - 7018291712
Created by merebitch


edgar allen poe juxtaposition malapropism mashup neologism Pokémon prefix suffix surname - 4472304384


double meaning headline homophones innuendo news rage comic Rage Comics surname - 4846361088

S/he Must Feel Very Liberated!

free Hall of Fame lolwut makeup Morgan Freeman suffix surname woman - 6124290560
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Horatio Cane - Cartoon - The Apple CEO has just resigned! It looks like Apple.. Well. will be out of Jobs... YEEAAAAH SO MUCH PUN.COM

It's Funny Because Usually Only Rednecks Like Crappy Country Music

country Hall of Fame literalism opposites surname - 6146264320
Created by JanosP

But What Has Been Sheen...

prefix seen similar sounding surname - 5373480448
Created by meme-stream

My Favorite Meowlgorithm

cat homophone math mathematics surname - 6346653696
Created by catsuberalles

And This is Why I Never Enjoyed Friends

literalism similar sounding surname - 5088619520
Created by maxystone ( Via www.brandonbird.com )

He's An Ambi-Roundhousekicker!

direction literalism surname west - 5815851520
Created by blobface007

It's Still Difficult to Tell the Difference...

expression face happy opposites surname - 6157103104
Created by pcrackenhead

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
Created by sernavictor13

Matt LeBlanc

clothing colors french surname - 6443028224
Created by Unknown

It Even Has a Pond!

David Tennant Hall of Fame homophone literalism surname - 6156204032

They Can't do It Without him

Meme about how Led Zeppelin can't do without Jimmy Page in their band.