And to Think, She Was Putin Up Such Strong Performances Before

facebook gymnastics longform looking name olympics rimshot similar sounding surname - 6388736768
By Unknown

50 Shades Of (Brian) May

50 shades of grey grey may parody similar sounding surname - 6419223808
By Unknown

Damn You, Naming Conventions!

double meaning literalism lolwut mistake surname trust - 5499760896
By thatguy1212

At One Point He Was Gary Middleagedman

old surname literalism opposites young suffix - 7013320704
By ScienceDog

Great Shirt, or Greatest Shirt?

band Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding surname - 6482234624
Via Reddit

But What Has Been Sheen...

prefix seen similar sounding surname - 5373480448
By meme-stream

Abraham Linkoln

abraham lincoln Hall of Fame homophone lincoln link literalism surname the legend of zelda - 5934498560
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With and Without

Hall of Fame literalism prefix Reese Witherspoon spoon suffix surname with without - 5375897600
By xyzpdq1

I See the Plaid, But Where's the Paisley?

clothing fashion literalism outfit pattern plaid similar sounding surname - 6274141952
By Unknown

Flyin' Around Like the Hubble

carl sagan gifs Hall of Fame hat prefix similar sounding surname swag - 5794672384
By LOLdogexpert

Brandon Flowers

Hall of Fame literalism longform Songs surname - 6071678720
By Vane_275

A Face Most Mothers Can Love

double meaning literalism surname - 6380125440
By Charlie Sears


edgar allen poe juxtaposition malapropism mashup neologism Pokémon prefix suffix surname - 4472304384
By Unknown

But Where is the Requisite Codpiece?

surname literalism david bowie double meaning - 6961421056
Via Mackenzie O’Brien

It Even Has a Pond!

David Tennant Hall of Fame homophone literalism surname - 6156204032
By Unknown


ackbar admiral ackbar Hall of Fame homophones its a trap literalism star wars surname the sound of music trap von trapp - 5535626752
By Unknown