Its Flavor is Just Monstrous

character literalism name suffix surname tea - 5925334016
By maxystone

Top Sh-Elf Humor

surname literalism santa homophone double meaning - 6891841280
By Unknown

And This is Why I Never Enjoyed Friends

literalism similar sounding surname - 5088619520
By maxystone (Via www.brandonbird.com)

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
By sernavictor13

This Could Only Be Better Under One Circumstance...

answer double meaning literalism question rich slang surname - 6511789056
By xyzpdq1


edgar allen poe juxtaposition malapropism mashup neologism Pokémon prefix suffix surname - 4472304384
By Unknown

Friend and Dafoe

friend Hall of Fame homophone literalism suffix surname - 6174942464
By Jess J

And to Think, She Was Putin Up Such Strong Performances Before

facebook gymnastics longform looking name olympics rimshot similar sounding surname - 6388736768
By Unknown

Shepards Watched Their Phlox by Knight

surname bible literalism homophones night knight - 6857118720
By Capt_Nitro

S/he Must Feel Very Liberated!

free Hall of Fame lolwut makeup Morgan Freeman suffix surname woman - 6124290560
Via Tastefully Offensive


bacon bacon strips double meaning kevin bacon literalism noun strips surname verb - 5117689856
By Unknown

Because Less is Moore...right?

after more surname less homophone opposite before - 6967657472
By Jeffrey


eel Kim Jong-Il literalism name similar sounding suffix surname - 5650467584
By Unknown

Smells Like Diet Mountain Dew

lana del rey song Songs surname title - 5916825600
Via Lana Del Wordplay

Will Feral

Cats Hanksy homophone surname Will Ferrell - 6456285184
Via Hanksy

Will Smith's Career Takes a Hot New Turn

question surname answer misinterpretation double meaning will smith black - 7002000384
By MasuHUN
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