Natalie Portman

man woman surname opposites suffix - 6855218432
Created by Unknown

That Skit Was Her Hair Pièce de Résistance

after before literalism not similar sounding spelling surname - 6080265472
Created by spawnsolo

Both Look a Little Yoko Onclear to Me

expression face Hall of Fame homophone literalism no o suffix surname yes - 6179026432
Created by Unknown


comeback double meaning iron man literalism stark surname tony stark - 5600672000
Created by Unknown

Ernest Lemmingway

Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding surname - 6336676608
Via Reddit

Isaac Olivia Newton-John

isaac newton lyrics song surname - 5905276928
Created by Unknown

And His Attorney's Name is Harold Balsagna

ass homophones huge surname - 5996463616
Created by Unknown


dogs lolwut surname TLL - 5311828736
Created by Unknown

The Plants Always Win, As They Should

double meaning game literalism surname - 6270381056
Created by eddmario

SMP CLASSIC: Now With 99 Percent More Alcohol!

Hall of Fame homophone laundry detergent literalism robert downey jr surname - 6383924480
Created by IUgrad505


Hall of Fame hypothetical name nicolas cage rhyme rhymes rhyming surname - 4707300608
Created by Unknown


facebook last name rhyme rhyming surname Tom Cruise - 4479814144
Created by dalton210

Freddie Mercury

double meaning freddie mercury literalism mercury queen surname - 6380964864
Via Wirdou

He's An Ambi-Roundhousekicker!

direction literalism surname west - 5815851520
Created by blobface007

A Face Most Mothers Can Love

double meaning literalism surname - 6380125440
Created by Charlie Sears

Football Oneupsmanship is the Best Oneupsmanship

Hall of Fame homophone innuendo pride retort surname - 6313389568
Created by ToolBee
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