He Must Be in Prison Often Since His Voice Ain't Ever Free

after before double meaning free Hall of Fame jail literalism Morgan Freeman not prison surname - 6020706048
By rhfjhguibhfr

You're Gonna Get Wingdinged for That Offense

font groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophone offense serif surname - 6079372032
By Raptor2213 (Via Escapist Magazine)

Freddie Mercury

double meaning freddie mercury literalism mercury queen surname - 6380964864
Via Wirdou


comeback double meaning iron man literalism stark surname tony stark - 5600672000
By Unknown

But I Thought He Was Supposed to Be a Starman?

david bowie literalism portmanteau rainbow shoop surname - 6559821824
By Unknown

Friend and Dafoe

friend Hall of Fame homophone literalism suffix surname - 6174942464
By Jess J


dogs lolwut surname TLL - 5311828736
By Unknown

Sir Isaac Newt-on

newt shoop isaac newton surname literalism prefix - 6827218688
Via Reddit

Maybe She's Just Bipolar?

expression face literalism mood surname - 6151973120
By JanosP

And This is Why I Never Enjoyed Friends

literalism similar sounding surname - 5088619520
By maxystone (Via www.brandonbird.com)

Now How Do I Get Justin My TimberPANTS???

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone in Justin Timberlake literalism location near surname - 6031551488
By Unknown

More like NO'Reilly AMIRITE?

meme orly Owl side by side similar sounding surname - 6299934720
By dojndcat

He's the Solidest of Snakes

homophone logo surname - 6357744384
By fishheatcats

I Have So Many Stardust Memories of These Two

combination literalism surname toy story woody - 5870977536
By Artanus

And His Attorney's Name is Harold Balsagna

ass homophones huge surname - 5996463616
By Unknown

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
By sernavictor13