What a Classic(al) Jackson Five Track!

song similar sounding Bach back - 7021535488
Created by anthropocene

Why'd They Send Me Sharpies When I Asked For Pens?

business disney Hall of Fame lyrics meme mulan song pun - 5773858560
Via A.S.B.


chamillionaire double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics riding dirty rolling song - 5270126592

Ironically, Spock Would Never LMFAO

lmfao lyrics Party Rock Anthem song Spock Star Trek - 6077997056
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be bee black-eyed peas literalism mario misinterpretation single song video game - 4297873152
Created by Unknown

How to Keep the Fire Alive

gifs lyrics song tinder fire similar sounding love - 7061897728

Little Darling, Soon There Will Be No Such Thing as Winter

ending song the Beatles twist - 5947217152
Created by rtothe2

Something Tells Me We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

carrion carry on Hall of Fame homophones literalism song - 6386994688
Created by urkelbot666


bowl container football homophones literalism logo lyrics man parody song Super superman - 4318089728
Created by Dudak


cartoons double meaning dough Hall of Fame literalism song - 4994620928

This Cup Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

cant club cup handle lyric me mug now right similar sounding slogan song - 5753996544
Created by Unknown


Aerosmith double meaning literalism rhyming song title - 4648441344

You've Got a Friend in Me

double meaning literalism lyrics song toy story - 6423986432
Via Pun Comics

A Flock of Sunnis

homophone homophones literalism song - 4932271104
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comic double meaning Hall of Fame hoe literalism lyric song superman - 5568461312

A Helpful Reminder for Keeping Your Calendar 'N Sync

calendar Hall of Fame Justin Timberlake literalism may me n sync similar sounding song - 5986328320
Via kle0patra
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