amazing bus Hall of Fame Like a Boss literalism lolwut similar sounding song Video - 26986241

Like a BUS!

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Actually, This Seems Par for the Course for a Bruno Mars Song

literalism lyrics makes sense parody song title - 4835009280
Created by kamikaze193

Mowing Grass in the Hot Sun...

lawn literalism similar sounding song - 6484922880
Created by jc2581

A Flock of Sunnis

homophone homophones literalism song - 4932271104
Created by A Person ( Via Cracked )

Apparently These Are David Guetta Lyrics?

brand lyrics song - 6393516288
Created by jose1452

What, Do You Want a Medal or Something?

literalism similar sounding song title - 5906905856
Created by Unknown
restaurant song story variations on a theme Video weird - 41595137

'I Lobster But Never Flounder.'

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Bach back to the future johann sebastian bach Movie off-rhyme song title - 4241742848
Created by Unknown

Let's Hear it For Good Charlotte References in 2012...

lyrics song similar sounding girls money cars - 6815600384
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flyer found hello literalism lost lyric question song - 4538398720
Created by Nyes2CU

Felines in Paris

answer Hall of Fame Jay Z kanye west lyrics question similar sounding song - 6184047360
Via Robot in Disguise


lady gaga lyrics Music preference similar sounding single song Songs title titles - 4512453120
Created by ItchyKY


hit lyrics parody single song - 4105547520
Created by Unknown


clever coding contraction HTML lyrics song tenacious d tribute - 4197560576
Created by Unknown

It's a Freemason You Already Paid...

similar sounding song title - 5081034752
Created by thipthapthoo

God Shag the Queen

comic double meaning literalism queen song title - 4687686656
Created by nwhity
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