His Acting Method is Very Organic

benedict cumberbatch shoop cucumber similar sounding - 7081199360
Created by spoffle

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Feels Club Band

feels literalism shoop similar sounding the Beatles - 6608552448
Created by Unknown


double meaning eye homophone literalism shoop - 6154795776
Via Smosh

Wookiee Monster

shoop Cookie Monster wookiee juxtaposition muppet - 6982110208
Created by Lucky810

John Lenin

shoop john lennon surname literalism lenin juxtaposition homophone - 6976719360
Created by anthropocene

Looks Like This Soldier Finally Reached His Limit Break

acronym cloud double meaning hair Hall of Fame literalism shoop - 6040226304
Via Reddit

Nelly Purrtado's Latest Hit

gifs Hall of Fame literalism shoop similar sounding song squirrel Timbaland - 5972616192
Via Punblr

Horse Fly

horse fly shoop combination literalism double meaning - 6696770816
Created by scobra

Roberta Downey, Jr. Stars In...

double meaning iron iron man lady literalism marvel replacement shoop - 5853138688
Created by fbastage ( Via Empire Online )

Truly a Legend of the Game

basketball book literalism shoop similar sounding - 6157421312
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extra letter juxtaposition literalism shoop similar sounding skateboard - 5564537856
Created by Unknown

Roman's Adventure Time

adventure time characters literalism nicki minaj shoop similar sounding - 6217762304
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Avatar bender literalism question shoop suffix - 4530537728
Created by TomWade

He's My Favorite Marvel-Type Pokémon

Exeggutor face literalism Pokémon shoop similar sounding suffix Thor - 6415778048
Created by Faiz Faults

Owl Bee Seeing You

i will Owl similar sounding literalism coffee shape shoop - 6634354944
Created by Ginctm

The Sexiest Childhood Drink

shoop leonardo dicaprio similar sounding - 6881060352
Via Sherlock Shiver and Shake