Dimmu Borgir

shoop burger translation literalism demon - 6945999872
Created by Mikecraft96

'Looper' Sequel Just Announced!

bruce willis cereal juxtaposition Movie shoop - 6635787520
Via The Outside Joke

They're the Best of the Borscht

beets double meaning dr dre headphones homophone literalism shoop - 5991181312
Created by commandercandy

You Evolved Into the Electric-Type, Bruce. I Was Born as It.

fly Pokémon quote rhyming shoop the dark knight rises - 6534978048
Created by Unknown

Forever Stallone

forever alone rambo shoop similar sounding - 7108837632
Created by samsilbert696969

Horton Hears a RZA Beat

dr seuss juxtaposition literalism shoop similar sounding who Wu-Tang Clan - 5597037824
Via Alex Pardee

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Zombie Apocalypse

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism mashup Movie poster shoop - 5411813120
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Acevedismos )


butt shoop literalism double meaning suffix - 6790117120
Created by codeblue0076

Truly a Legend of the Game

basketball book literalism shoop similar sounding - 6157421312
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Sir Isaac Newt-on

newt shoop isaac newton surname literalism prefix - 6827218688
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Rhubarb in the Front Seat, Apple in the Back Seat

pi pun - Dish - Its PLDav.PiDay SO MUCH PUN.COM
Via Esdi Says Aloha

Don't Wanna Be...

shoop obama celine dion similar sounding - 7031328000
Created by anthropocene

Next Time on 'Star Trek: TMZ'

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism shoop Star Trek - 5843584000
Created by Unknown

Goose Willis

bruce willis goose name shoop similar sounding - 6481690880
Created by urkelbot666

Owl Bee Seeing You

i will Owl similar sounding literalism coffee shape shoop - 6634354944
Created by Ginctm

Sadly He's Attending This One Alone

cruise literalism shoop surname Tom Cruise - 6552185600
Created by me_gusta_man