No One Will Try to Slash Your Tires Ever Again!

shoop similar sounding prefix wolverine - 7021825280
By anthropocene


shoop man Lord of the Rings opposites girl suffix - 7080715008
By Unknown

Iron Maiden

iron iron maiden literalism logo shoop - 6494502656
By JMJMad1

Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Always in Good Hands

dream rhyming the a-team similar sounding martin luther king jr team shoop - 6879908352
By anthropocene

Don't Wanna Be...

shoop obama celine dion similar sounding - 7031328000
By anthropocene

What a Gentleman!

dating literalism shoop similar sounding - 6571141632
By Unknown


cat Cats literalism shoop similar sounding star wars suffix - 5080868608
By Unknown

Bane's Only Crime Was Loving Strawberries

literalism shoop similar sounding - 6517550848
By jordybordy

Looks Like This Soldier Finally Reached His Limit Break

acronym cloud double meaning hair Hall of Fame literalism shoop - 6040226304
Via Reddit

Forever Stallone

forever alone rambo shoop similar sounding - 7108837632
By samsilbert696969

The Coffee Drink That Goes Down Ezio

logo lolwut shoop - 5462942720
By aemilius

Iron-Strength Coffee With Rich Undertonys

added letter iron man marvel shoop Starbucks stark surname tony stark - 6579834112
By LeSparta

For All the 'Community' Fans Out There...

cee-lo green shoop similar sounding literalism cee lo change - 6707671808
Via Reddit

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Zombie Apocalypse

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism mashup Movie poster shoop - 5411813120
By Acevedismos (Via Acevedismos)

It Takes Three Episodes to Fire but BOY is it Ever Worth It!

shoop similar sounding dragonball z - 7127669504
By Unknown

John Lenin

shoop john lennon surname literalism lenin juxtaposition homophone - 6976719360
By anthropocene