His Acting Method is Very Organic

benedict cumberbatch shoop cucumber similar sounding - 7081199360
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It Would Surely Be a Huge Success

catchphrase Hall of Fame how i met your mother i am legend juxtaposition legendary mashup Movie Neil Patrick Harris quote shoop - 5588275456
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John Lenin

shoop john lennon surname literalism lenin juxtaposition homophone - 6976719360
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Sir Isaac Newt-on

newt shoop isaac newton surname literalism prefix - 6827218688
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Now You're Just Some Gotye Meme I Used to Know

shoop somebody that i used to know literalism gotye dough - 6891817728
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Avatar bender literalism question shoop suffix - 4530537728
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Rhubarb in the Front Seat, Apple in the Back Seat

pi pun - Dish - Its PLDav.PiDay SO MUCH PUN.COM
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Straight From the Disney/Lucas Film Vault...

george lucas disney shoop mashup trap similar sounding juxtaposition missing letter - 6736393216
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These Sheep Just Like to Go With the Flo

FAIL flo rida Hall of Fame literalism lyrics shoop - 6271139840
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Blender Man Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

rhyming shoop variations on a theme - 6569212928
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And the Seven Fs?

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Owl Bee Seeing You

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By Ginctm

Bane's Only Crime Was Loving Strawberries

literalism shoop similar sounding - 6517550848
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With His House Band the Roost!

falcon similar sounding shoop - 6694045696


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Dora the Explorer

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By Peter