A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Zombie Apocalypse

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism mashup Movie poster shoop - 5411813120
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Acevedismos )

The Coffee Drink That Goes Down Ezio

logo lolwut shoop - 5462942720
Created by aemilius

The Latest Mortal Kombat DLC Has So Many Layers!

shoop Mortal Kombat similar sounding scorpion shrek quote - 7077267200
Created by Promethax

Sadly None of His Hits Count for More Than Two Points

angry birds basketball double meaning game homophone juxtaposition literalism replacement shoop - 5563614720
Via www.cracked.com

With His House Band the Roost!

falcon similar sounding shoop - 6694045696
Created by AmyOMG

William Snakespeare

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism prefix shakespeare shoop similar sounding snake william shakespeare pun - 5684595712
Created by Unknown

Wait for the Drop... It'll Be Here Before He Gets Resurrected for the Umpteenth Time

dragonball z hair shoop similar sounding skrillex - 6617733888
Created by Dan24 ( Via Shane Cossever )

Forever Stallone

forever alone rambo shoop similar sounding - 7108837632
Created by samsilbert696969

Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Always in Good Hands

dream rhyming the a-team similar sounding martin luther king jr team shoop - 6879908352
Created by anthropocene

Goose Willis

bruce willis goose name shoop similar sounding - 6481690880
Created by urkelbot666

Horton Hears a RZA Beat

dr seuss juxtaposition literalism shoop similar sounding who Wu-Tang Clan - 5597037824
Via Alex Pardee

The Spice... People

juxtaposition shoop suffix surname - 6555215360
Created by xyzpdq1

Blender Man Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

rhyming shoop variations on a theme - 6569212928
Created by RATC1440

But I Thought He Was Supposed to Be a Starman?

david bowie literalism portmanteau rainbow shoop surname - 6559821824
Created by Unknown

No Chicken Sh*t Sherlock

chicken double meaning foul fowl homophone literalism play shoop - 6383170304
Created by Unknown

Dora the Explorer

car dora the explorer literalism model nickelodeon shoop vehicle - 5889340672
Created by Peter