Dimmu Borgir

shoop burger translation literalism demon - 6945999872
By Mikecraft96

And the Seven Fs?

literalism no Rage Comics shoop similar sounding snow white - 5851392000
By itroitnyah

Otto Von Bizmarkie

shoop literalism combination juxtaposition - 6708580608
Via Reddit

The Coffee Drink That Goes Down Ezio

logo lolwut shoop - 5462942720
By aemilius

A Balanced R&B Meal

bacon eggs homophone literalism shoop suffix - 6246440704
By PetePete

Adolf Hipster

adolf hitler Hall of Fame hipster hitler literalism shoop similar sounding - 6166547200

Next Time on 'Star Trek: TMZ'

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism shoop Star Trek - 5843584000
By Unknown

Wake Me Up Before You... Bite Me?

literalism shoop similar sounding - 6562338560
By EtchArtist (Via Cafe Press)

William Snakespeare

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism prefix shakespeare shoop similar sounding snake william shakespeare pun - 5684595712
By Unknown

John Lenin

shoop john lennon surname literalism lenin juxtaposition homophone - 6976719360
By anthropocene

Blender Man Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

rhyming shoop variations on a theme - 6569212928
By RATC1440


skrillex shoop literalism - 6893549824
By anthropocene

Maybe We Shouldn't Have Broke Bad...

breaking bad shoop similar sounding mess - 7115104256
By purplepolecat

What a Gentleman!

dating literalism shoop similar sounding - 6571141632
By Unknown

Charlie Brownson

shoop mashup similar sounding - 7042461952
By Unknown


double meaning iconic juxtaposition literalism Movie poster scene shoop - 5184986624
By Unknown
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