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By Unknown

The Latest Mortal Kombat DLC Has So Many Layers!

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By Promethax

You'd Think Willy'd Buy Higher Quality Gear

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By xyzpdq1


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By Unknown

Such Terrible, Brilliant Punsmanship Here

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By Raptor2213 (Via Pears Before Swine)


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By NJStarr

Close Enough.

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Via Andy Ross


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By TheAlmonster


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By Unknown


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By nbshark

I'm Very Siri-us About What You Must Do

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By Fredrik Hedén

This Trek is Sick!

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By membery782

Well, Earthquakes Can Happen Undersea...

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By toodlooo


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By 707gatos

You Might Even Say He's... Well Out of Luck

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Via Octopuns

I Used to Be An Adventurer Like You...

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By Unknown
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