ocean prefix pun sea theme Video water - 36971009

Songs to Wear Pants to Goes Punder the Sea

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The Family Curse

curse egg family heritage prefix puns - 6217402112
Via Chaos Life

The Horcrux of the Joke

cold Hall of Fame Harry Potter hole literalism obvious old prefix voldemort - 4747194624


corn definition latin neologism Popcorn prefix question uni unicorn - 4242695936

She Even Has a Chance to Double Crown As Miss Understanding!

miss pageant literalism winner prefix homophones - 6898778368
Via Butthorn

Does it Really?

men prefix similar sounding women - 5612863232
Created by pedretta

True Love Knows No Boundaries

bro crow Hall of Fame love prefix rhyming romance show - 6257387776
Via Pleated Jeans

Sushi Sushi, Fettucini Fettucini, Stew-y Stew-y, Lobster

double meaning literalism prefix - 5880882944
Created by rheems


surreal literalism soccer prefix football - 6981004800
Created by thurgood ( Via High Green Dawn )

You Should Have Grabbed it as it Was Russian Away!

rat legend similar sounding prefix - 7128447744
Created by Vane_275

Theology in a Way You've Never Experienced It!

literalism prefix biology - 7085053952
Created by poopsmith411

Drugs. Not Even Once.

double meaning drugs high literalism prefix - 6635769600
Via Reddit


witch literalism sand sandwich prefix suffix - 6878099968
Via Punbelievable Puns

He Has a Very Thor-ough Resume

Hall of Fame homophones marvel prefix similar sounding The Avengers Thor - 6332214784
Via The Meta Picture

I Found Him by the Light of the Moon

Hall of Fame homophone literalism prefix there werewolf where - 6061400320
Via Pleated Jeans

The Weight Watchers' Guide to Pokémon

butter literalism name Pokémon prefix regular puns word - 6138853888
Via Punblr
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