You Might Say That Indeed

alcohol delicious drunk fat ham mac prefix slang - 5259506944


surreal literalism soccer prefix football - 6981004800
Created by thurgood ( Via High Green Dawn )

Such Terrible, Brilliant Punsmanship Here

cliché groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophones offer prefix quote similar sounding - 5688559616
Created by Raptor2213 ( Via Pears Before Swine )

Drugs. Not Even Once.

double meaning drugs high literalism prefix - 6635769600
Via Reddit

He's Headed to the Crymlin for Some Quality Creys

Hall of Fame lolwut prefix Putin rhyming Sad similar sounding Vladimir Putin - 5255997696
Created by Jakester44

Is This the Second Coming of Business Cat?

tie tiger prefix homophone - 7080729600


homophones literalism prefix variations on a theme werewolf - 6639556864
Via Reddit

Punny Humor is Always to Die For!

knife nice prefix similar sounding stable - 6105327872
Via Eat That Toast

He Has a Terrible Sense of Direction, But at Least He's A-Were of It!

werewolf prefix where homophone double meaning - 7148126976
Via Deep Fried Pudge

Ovengers, Assemble!

avengers comic Hall of Fame literalism marvel oven prefix similar sounding The Avengers - 6213779200
Via Photokapi

Hallowed Brie Thy Name

jesus cheese pattern cheese grater similar sounding prefix - 6788420608
Via Odd Notxam

Robots in... Transition?

double meaning literalism optimus prime prefix transformers - 6537604864
Via Nathan Bulmer

It Revolutionized the Way My Computer Functioned!

Hall of Fame homophones in literalism prefix similar sounding stalin - 5695669504
Created by blobotorian

Oppa Poké Style

double meaning literalism Pokémon prefix - 6602814720
Via Reddit

File Under: Hilarious and Poorly Executed

hilarious lolwut Pirate prefix terrible - 5191807488
Created by drassher

Flyin' Around Like the Hubble

carl sagan gifs Hall of Fame hat prefix similar sounding surname swag - 5794672384
Created by LOLdogexpert
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