Je te Plumerai la Tête...

all french Hall of Fame literalism prefix similar sounding song - 6045022208
Via Reddit

And Now He's Hearing His Death Shrapknell

homophone Lame Pun Coon literalism prefix - 6617172736
Created by Weirdgomita


terrible shoop literalism bull prefix - 6997601536
Created by Unknown

This Seems Like a Horrible Idea...

chair contradiction literalism prefix similar sounding - 4955486208
Created by Unknown

His Work With the Left Hand is a Bit Sloppy Though...

Hall of Fame ham literalism prefix similar sounding - 5769225472
Via Tobias Lunchbreath

Wait, How Did We Get Talking About Colors?

cliché facebook orange Pirate prefix sound status - 5244186624
Created by IG Joe


alliteration doc docs doctor doctors doctor who pair paradox paranoia prefix rhyming time - 4409123072
Created by Unknown

Sir Isaac Newt-on

newt shoop isaac newton surname literalism prefix - 6827218688
Via Reddit

He Took Both Pills

the matrix ice cream prefix neo - 6956646144
Via Hillbilly Geek

Thanks For Clearing That One Up

contrast fyi is literalism prefix - 4681228800
Created by capoczino

He's Headed to the Crymlin for Some Quality Creys

Hall of Fame lolwut prefix Putin rhyming Sad similar sounding Vladimir Putin - 5255997696
Created by Jakester44

I Find Your Disbelief in Evolution to Be Rather Illogical

juxtaposition literalism octopus prefix similar sounding Spock Star Trek - 6228997120
Created by QuietRage69 ( Via Herodotus of Halicarnassus )

Robots in... Transition?

double meaning literalism optimus prime prefix transformers - 6537604864
Via Nathan Bulmer

Does it Really?

men prefix similar sounding women - 5612863232
Created by pedretta

What's the Eevee for This Mission?

double meaning eevee evolution Hall of Fame homophone literalism Pokémon prefix - 5751639296
Created by oreoz314

Sorry, I Never Accept Any Work That Isn't Done in Triplikeet

one pair parakeet prefix two uni - 6584386560
Created by GalderGollum
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