She Even Has a Chance to Double Crown As Miss Understanding!

miss pageant literalism winner prefix homophones - 6898778368
Via Butthorn


Okay prefix syllable - 4159403008
Created by el_wuffel

SMP CLASSIC: Real Love Seems So Far Out of Reach

angry classic double meaning family ladder prefix step step ladder - 6537597952
Via Punblr


alliteration doc docs doctor doctors doctor who pair paradox paranoia prefix rhyming time - 4409123072
Created by Unknown

Any Chance I Can Just Get a Plankilogram?

double meaning literalism prefix suffix - 6431822592
Created by TuckerBentley

I Find Your Disbelief in Evolution to Be Rather Illogical

juxtaposition literalism octopus prefix similar sounding Spock Star Trek - 6228997120
Created by QuietRage69 ( Via Herodotus of Halicarnassus )


Chart diagram literalism pack prefix wolf - 4651715584
Created by Unknown

Enjoying This Cookie is Highly Logical

chip chocolate cookies literalism prefix similar sounding Spock Star Trek - 5195854336
Created by OryuKitty

File Under: Hilarious and Poorly Executed

hilarious lolwut Pirate prefix terrible - 5191807488
Created by drassher

It's Not My Favorite Vegetable, But it Sure is Cute!

literalism prefix homophone dogs - 7074528768
Via Deep Fried Pudge


pi pun - Dish - SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by Tegan


odyssey prefix rage comic Rage Comics rhyme rhyming similar sounding trojan horse - 4802218240
Created by Unknown

One More Reason He's Good for America!

barack obama broccoli Hall of Fame literalism obama prefix similar sounding - 6259497472
Created by Pinds ( Via Clarence McKenah )


edgar allen poe juxtaposition malapropism mashup neologism Pokémon prefix suffix surname - 4472304384
Created by Unknown

At Least These LEGO Genders Are Distinct

Hall of Fame lego legolas literalism Lord of the Rings prefix similar sounding suffix - 6278813440
Created by NeilRashbrook

And the Infinite Nomminess?

broccoli homophones juxtaposition literalism melancholy melon prefix suffix watermelon - 5299496192
Created by CreepyPolitics.com
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