They Look Pretty Finished Already...

Command Mortal Kombat Photo photobomb prefix - 4718112768
By maxystone

You Know He'll Be a Quality Employee

Hall of Fame koala literalism prefix puns similar sounding - 6157402880
Via Reddit

Drugs. Not Even Once.

double meaning drugs high literalism prefix - 6635769600
Via Reddit

But What Has Been Sheen...

prefix seen similar sounding surname - 5373480448
By meme-stream

Such Terrible, Brilliant Punsmanship Here

cliché groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophones offer prefix quote similar sounding - 5688559616
By Raptor2213 (Via Pears Before Swine)

Who Watches the Watch Manes?

Hall of Fame horse literalism prefix quote similar sounding - 5013409024
By maxystone

No, Seriously, the Ground IS Lava!

scotch hot similar sounding prefix - 7075257856
By Unknown


disney pluto literalism prefix - 6996182016
By anthropocene

This is Pretty Much My Opinion of All Professional Athletes

Babies double meaning football Hall of Fame literalism prefix Super whining - 5779392768
By Unknown


cat homophone literalism prefix video game - 6550164992
Via Reddit

My Furniture is so Ferncy!

furniture pattern literalism prefix homophone - 6859995904
By NomALlama

His Work With the Left Hand is a Bit Sloppy Though...

Hall of Fame ham literalism prefix similar sounding - 5769225472
Via Tobias Lunchbreath

Got... ye?

advertisement got gotye Hall of Fame lyrics milk name parody prefix rewrite somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know - 6264338432
By Unknown

Only if They Manetain an Equal Distance Throughout

bad joke is bad literalism prefix similar sounding twitter - 6631908864
Via @Hottest_Carl


surprise prefix sir homophone - 6799887872
By fattyevan

William Snakespeare

Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism prefix shakespeare shoop similar sounding snake william shakespeare pun - 5684595712
By Unknown
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