You're On My Last Nerve!

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Created by SapientChinaDoll

Zippo's Not Down for a Double Header

double meaning FAIL idiom literalism lolwut match no - 5325786368
Created by Whiteoverblue

But I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly

dam damn idiom literalism homophones jam - 6958604800
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SMP CLASSIC: And You'd Better Watch Out!

spring idiom literalism classic corner - 7121651968
Created by Unknown

Far More Fervent Than a Pinky Promise

double meaning idiom literalism - 6203085824
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Not if the Midi-Chlorians Have Any Say in the Matter

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Created by Unknown

Meowa Culpa!

came cliché idiom lolcats saw similar sounding - 6510516480
Created by chech1965

Flippin' the Bird

angry bird double meaning idiom literalism - 5361515520
Created by Tellyporter231

But You Hung Me Out to Dry...

clothes hang hanger hanging idiom literalism - 6241160704
Created by xyzpdq1


best ever buildup double meaning idiom literalism long form mark twain punchline twain - 6265317376
Created by Unknown

She Does Indeed

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2012 in a Nutshell

idiom literalism 2012 - 7080722176
Created by Unknown

I Guess That Explains the Sunglasses

csi miami david carusoe double meaning idiom science - 6399065600
Created by Mortuaryjoe

There's No I...

I idiom literalism team - 6079564032
Created by xyzpdq1

It Really is His Life's Calling

bomb double meaning Hall of Fame idiom literalism - 6469844992
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