answer blue double meaning feeling Hall of Fame idiom literalism question - 5244321280

Whatever, I Do What I Want!

idiom literalism double meaning - 6815594496
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And Sometimes its Radiance Stings

beauty bee beholder difference eye idiom letter literalism lolwut similar sounding pun words meme - 5331952384

Cash Cow

cow double meaning idiom literalism - 5650824960
Created by catimacat

No, Seriously!

idiom it literalism nail Nailed It nails - 5092030464
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double meaning idiom literalism sandwich - 5511322624
Created by commandercandy

High on Life

life high idiom literalism double meaning - 6729813760
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I Bet That Bill is Going to Be Astronomical

curiosity data double meaning idiom literalism Mars nasa space - 6491700480
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Falling for You

dating double meaning falling gifs idiom literalism - 6261477888

You Know How the Saying Goes...

double meaning flies Hall of Fame idiom literalism time - 6372928000
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She Does Indeed

double meaning Hall of Fame idiom literalism lolwut - 6032942592
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But You Hung Me Out to Dry...

clothes hang hanger hanging idiom literalism - 6241160704
Created by xyzpdq1

The Unfortunate Side Effect of Having Tater Tots

couch double meaning idiom literalism potato potatoes - 6145868800
Created by me_gusta_man

It's a Corner We've Already Passed, Actually

around corner double meaning idiom literalism object season spring - 5983852288

The Debut Post on So Much Bun

bun double meaning idiom literalism on on a roll roll - 6114336512
Created by Fatalyze

Slow and Steady Spares the Shocks

double meaning fear getting idiom literalism over - 6414695680
Created by xyzpdq1