You Know How the Saying Goes...

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Run, 'Finnegan's Wake,' Run!

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And Sometimes its Radiance Stings

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Surfing the Net

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You're Such a Wilting Flower!

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Well, Yes, Actually...

cat got idiom literalism similar sounding tongue - 6385037312
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But Not Hard Cash, Since it Was Merely Refrigerated

cold double meaning fridge idiom literalism refrigerator - 6420737536
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But My Arms Are Getting Tired!

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GPOY What it Feels Like Being a 20-Something

gifs rock idiom literalism homer the simpsons - 7077569536
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Whatever, I Do What I Want!

idiom literalism double meaning - 6815594496
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Not So Secret Anymore

bag cat cliché double meaning idiom out - 5376216832
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High on Life

life high idiom literalism double meaning - 6729813760
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You Can Say That Again!

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The Unfortunate Side Effect of Having Tater Tots

couch double meaning idiom literalism potato potatoes - 6145868800
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