It is Indeed!

double meaning idiom literalism - 6358611456
Created by Unknown

What Kind of Roll Even is That?

double meaning idiom literalism on on a roll roll - 6344308224
Via fav.me


double meaning elephant eyebrows idiom literalism right - 5564257536
Created by Unknown

The Debut Post on So Much Bun

bun double meaning idiom literalism on on a roll roll - 6114336512
Created by Fatalyze

2012 in a Nutshell

idiom literalism 2012 - 7080722176
Created by Unknown

That's What You Get When You're Stuck At the End of the Loin

cliché cold double meaning idiom late literalism Party shoulder - 5528890880
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

Ladies and Gentlemen: Math!

real idiom literalism numbers poo double meaning math - 6956869888
Created by Unknown


idiom hands literalism - 7114389248
Created by ldmt1995

Well, Yes, Actually...

cat got idiom literalism similar sounding tongue - 6385037312
Created by chech1965

Drinks Are on the House Tonight!

double meaning drinks house idiom literalism misinterpretation - 6565693952
Via Reddit

Have a Cup of Courage!

cup drawing idiom - 6569333504
Created by Jess Gastin

SMP CLASSIC: And You'd Better Watch Out!

spring idiom literalism classic corner - 7121651968
Created by Unknown

What is This I Don't Even...

idiom illegal lolwut rhyming - 5450406144
Created by Unknown

It Really is His Life's Calling

bomb double meaning Hall of Fame idiom literalism - 6469844992
Via Poorly Drawn Lines


double meaning idiom literalism sandwich - 5511322624
Created by commandercandy

Not if the Midi-Chlorians Have Any Say in the Matter

Hall of Fame idiom rhyme rhyming similar sounding star wars - 5911474176
Created by Unknown
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