cat Hall of Fame home idiom racing sleeping stretch - 6227874048
Created by SpikeDawg

What Kind of Roll Even is That?

double meaning idiom literalism on on a roll roll - 6344308224
Via fav.me

Dysfunctional Dieting

crazy Hall of Fame idiom literalism nuts squirrel therapy - 5411826432
Created by OryuKitty

Not if the Midi-Chlorians Have Any Say in the Matter

Hall of Fame idiom rhyme rhyming similar sounding star wars - 5911474176
Created by Unknown

Think Big. No, Bigger. Wait, Too Big. Reign it in a Bit, Will Ya?

idea idiom misinterpretation literalism double meaning - 6818630400
Via Poorly Drawn Lines


answer blue double meaning feeling Hall of Fame idiom literalism question - 5244321280
Created by Unknown

And Sometimes its Radiance Stings

beauty bee beholder difference eye idiom letter literalism lolwut similar sounding pun words meme - 5331952384
Created by Unknown

Pearls of Wisdom

idiom literalism - 6964657408
Created by Lucky810 ( Via Gemma Correll )

You're Such a Wilting Flower!

afraid double meaning fear grow Hall of Fame homophone idiom literalism pear - 6264356096
Created by Unknown

It's a Corner We've Already Passed, Actually

around corner double meaning idiom literalism object season spring - 5983852288
Created by Unknown

It is Indeed!

double meaning idiom literalism - 6358611456
Created by Unknown

Slow and Steady Spares the Shocks

double meaning fear getting idiom literalism over - 6414695680
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Wise Words From a Qui Gon Era

classic idiom literalism similar sounding star wars Star Wars Day - 6188001536
Created by Unknown

Well, Yes, Actually...

cat got idiom literalism similar sounding tongue - 6385037312
Created by chech1965

He's Done Clownin' Around

close clownfish enemies friends idiom opposites similar sounding - 6534967296
Via Reddit

I Honestly Don't Know Which One I'd Prefer

idiom bear misinterpretation homophones Command bare - 7121646848
Via Million Fish
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