We Need Lemon-Aid Over Here!

aid double meaning homophones lemonade lemons morbid visualization bad pun - 6462567680
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The Top Image Also Works as 'See-Threepiopaque'

droid homophone homophones literalism shoop star wars - 5953487360
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Same Great Taste, Now With Added Innuendo!

beer brand double meaning english german homophones innuendo translation - 5728020992
Created by pedretta

Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme

cliché family guy Hall of Fame homophone homophones jelly literalism peanut butter thyme - 5449854720
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Created by lckoelsch

Something Tells Me We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

carrion carry on Hall of Fame homophones literalism song - 6386994688
Created by urkelbot666

How Does That One Go Again?

homophone homophones literalism lyrics misheard song - 4923264000
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condition diagnosis homophones I medical pee problem technology - 4372978688
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And if You Like Whipping Your Hair, You Were Probably Born to Be Willow

born to be wild double meaning homophone homophones literalism oscar wilde - 5841648128
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Here's Hoping He Figures Out How to Cash in on His Latest Acquisition

sense literalism homophones Cents money - 7148113920
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... Not Particularly, No.

you song lolwut homophones wish jewish - 6878215936
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After the Metam/Phosis

caterpillar homophones literalism similar sounding slash - 4792944896
Created by nadirzenith

Excuse Me While I Sea Cower in Fear

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism manatee prefix quote - 5273853440
Created by Unknown

Everyone Should Sing Along

brand Hall of Fame homophones house literalism madness name similar sounding song - 5275215616
Created by BCallahan

SMP CLASSIC: His Life Couldn't Be Cheddar!

job great homophones grate grater - 7124332544
Created by Meqad

Relieves Itching, AND Angry Jurors!

comparison court homophones literalism side by side - 6220221440
Created by deathwish01b