He Finally Did it!

cliché hands literalism look misinterpretation mom no - 5240140032
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That Must Have Been Very Hard For You

cliché computer double meaning drive literalism lost - 5804189184
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A Dessert Diverged in the Wood...

cliché double meaning fork literalism - 6387208192
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You're Too Cheesy for Me

cliché friend never similar sounding - 5133830144

I Beg To Differ

baby cliché homophone pregnancy wait weight - 5908710656
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They're Only Hatin' Because You're Kind of a Daffodilweed

cliché daisy literalism riding dirty similar sounding - 5986383104

Just Give it a Few More Moments...

question there here cliché double meaning - 7114322944
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cliché double meaning fans literalism popular - 5463349248
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Created by Jackie Q

Under a Rest

arrest cliché double meaning homophones literalism rest tumblr under - 5593061376
Created by hund678

More Like Derping in Her Field, Amirite?

standing out old joke is old outstanding cliché literalism double meaning field - 6702741760
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They're Trying to Pin a Crime On You, I Suspect

chamillionaire cliché hating lyrics old joke is old riding dirty rolling - 6572381440
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Well At Least He's Foal of Nutrients!

bread cliché double meaning horse in inbred literalism - 6414673152
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So Many People Do Every Day

apple cliché double entendre double meaning innuendo iphone literalism tap - 5831558912
Created by caio.L-D

Apollo ThirT-Bone

cattle cliché cows herd lolwut nasa phrase plan shot space switch twist world - 5217553664
Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Coincidentally, He's Upstanding Too

cliché double meaning field Hall of Fame literalism out outstanding scarecrow standing - 6227947008
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