The Hours Are Very Flexible, Too

cliché double meaning literalism - 6163874816
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

A Dessert Diverged in the Wood...

cliché double meaning fork literalism - 6387208192
Created by xyzpdq1

Apollo ThirT-Bone

cattle cliché cows herd lolwut nasa phrase plan shot space switch twist world - 5217553664
Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

I See What You Kitteh'd There

cat Cats cliché Hall of Fame ICWUDT kitten literalism lolwut similar sounding stupid - 5278688256
Created by Unknown

Some Horses Never Die...

characters cliché Hall of Fame Harry Potter names - 5068711680
Created by MarianasTrench604

Not So Secret Anymore

bag cat cliché double meaning idiom out - 5376216832
Created by GravityFish

I Sea What You Did There, Bad Joke Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché double meaning Hall of Fame ICWUDT meme reaction tank - 5844326400

You're Too Cheesy for Me

cliché friend never similar sounding - 5133830144

The Reverse Doesn't Work Either

surnames wrong right similar sounding adage cliché - 6642517504
Created by xyzpdq1

Where Anne Hath a Will...

cliché Hall of Fame similar sounding surname - 5883533312

That's What You Get When You're Stuck At the End of the Loin

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Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

They're Trying to Pin a Crime On You, I Suspect

chamillionaire cliché hating lyrics old joke is old riding dirty rolling - 6572381440
Created by Unknown

Whale, Whale, Whale...

adorable cliché gifs Hall of Fame literalism question similar sounding well whale - 5850802944

Oh, Warm and Fuzzy Sentiments...

cliché cure gross Hall of Fame no1curr - 5469298944
Created by Dominic Soh ( Via Pocket Puns )

That it Is...

broken cliché double meaning literalism pencil point pointless - 5666601728
Created by ElizaBell3


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