Coincidentally, He's Upstanding Too

cliché double meaning field Hall of Fame literalism out outstanding scarecrow standing - 6227947008
Via Reddit

Well, and Also Because of Federal Regulations

boat boats cliché homophone peer peer pressure pier pressure - 5727661824
Created by venusaurmaster

ICWUDT Mental Floss...

around cliché double meaning globe Hall of Fame ICWUDT literalism name william shakespeare - 5856900096
Created by LOLdogexpert ( Via Mental Floss )

Probably a Truism

butt cliché great Hall of Fame man ogling poster slogan Staring twist woman - 5199400192
Created by Unknown

I Didn't Know This Road Went Underwater!

carpool car cliché pool literalism double meaning - 6695858432
Created by xyzpdq1

Checkmate, Mayans!

2012 calendar cliché thyme time - 6630041600
Via Reddit

Some Horses Never Die...

characters cliché Hall of Fame Harry Potter names - 5068711680
Created by MarianasTrench604

He's a Stay-at-Home Dad

cliché double meaning Hall of Fame iron iron man ironing literalism tony stark - 5256345600
Created by maxystone

The Dramatic Pause Really Pushes This Over the Top

cliché csi double meaning literalism rimshot sunglasses well - 5198430720
Created by putmans ( Via www.thedoghousediaries.com )

Knocktor Knocktor...

cliché doctor who Hall of Fame joke who - 5269394432
Created by PinHeadAD

Whale, Whale, Whale...

adorable cliché gifs Hall of Fame literalism question similar sounding well whale - 5850802944
Created by Unknown

Thanks, NPH

cliché dairy homophones how i met your mother legend legendary Neil Patrick Harris - 5523677952
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

Just Let Me Know When You're Going to Crumb

cliché double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame hot innuendo inside literalism toast want - 5158984960
Created by xyzpdq1

This Inspirational Quote Makes Me Feel Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché FAIL Hall of Fame moon quote similar sounding stars - 5866667776
Created by C-fax ( Via Reddit )

Oh, Warm and Fuzzy Sentiments...

cliché cure gross Hall of Fame no1curr - 5469298944
Via Pocket Puns

She Just Keeps Getting Left Hanging

fan literalism double meaning cliché - 6667959040
Created by xyzpdq1
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