Coincidentally, He's Upstanding Too

cliché double meaning field Hall of Fame literalism out outstanding scarecrow standing - 6227947008
Via Reddit

Oh, Warm and Fuzzy Sentiments...

cliché cure gross Hall of Fame no1curr - 5469298944
Via Pocket Puns

No Ware to Run, No Ware to Hide

salt knife cliché homophones weapon assault - 6824122880
Created by xyzpdq1

Wait, How Did We Get Talking About Colors?

cliché facebook orange Pirate prefix sound status - 5244186624
Created by IG Joe

ICWUDT Mental Floss...

around cliché double meaning globe Hall of Fame ICWUDT literalism name william shakespeare - 5856900096
Created by LOLdogexpert ( Via Mental Floss )

Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme

cliché family guy Hall of Fame homophone homophones jelly literalism peanut butter thyme - 5449854720
Created by cheeseblarg ( Via cheeseblarg.blogspot.com )

Such a Colorful Cry

cliché double meaning gifs Hall of Fame hindenburg homophone homophones hue humanity literalism manatee - 5817094144
Via Reddit

That's an Opinion You Can Have About it, Sure...

amazing cliché corny double meaning homophone literalism maze - 5492994560
Created by Facinelli4ever

The Dramatic Pause Really Pushes This Over the Top

cliché csi double meaning literalism rimshot sunglasses well - 5198430720
Created by putmans ( Via www.thedoghousediaries.com )

I Didn't Know This Road Went Underwater!

carpool car cliché pool literalism double meaning - 6695858432
Created by xyzpdq1

Have a Good Day Yourself, Batch of Clichés!

cliché group Hall of Fame polite - 5896235520
Created by Unknown

Such Terrible, Brilliant Punsmanship Here

cliché groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophones offer prefix quote similar sounding - 5688559616
Created by Raptor2213 ( Via Pears Before Swine )

You're Too Cheesy for Me

cliché friend never similar sounding - 5133830144
Created by Unknown

I Beg To Differ

baby cliché homophone pregnancy wait weight - 5908710656
Created by SpikeDawg

Are You Sure About That?

cliché double meaning fan huge literalism - 6470229760
Created by xyzpdq1

He's a Stay-at-Home Dad

cliché double meaning Hall of Fame iron iron man ironing literalism tony stark - 5256345600
Created by maxystone
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