The Dramatic Pause Really Pushes This Over the Top

cliché csi double meaning literalism rimshot sunglasses well - 5198430720
Created by putmans ( Via www.thedoghousediaries.com )

This Inspirational Quote Makes Me Feel Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché FAIL Hall of Fame moon quote similar sounding stars - 5866667776
Created by C-fax ( Via Reddit )

I'm Really Only Posting This Because I Lol'd For No Reason

cliché dam Hall of Fame lolwut meme - 5798994176
Created by Unknown

And Doubtlessly Was Left With Some Penned Up Frustration

cliché lamb sheep - 5776864512
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

The Surname That Keeps On Giving

cliché double meaning Hall of Fame knife Reese Witherspoon similar sounding spoon with - 5519861504
Created by coffeeatteatime


cliché double meaning fans literalism popular - 5463349248
Created by wintercool612 ( Via theuntitledcomics.webs.com )

Apollo ThirT-Bone

cattle cliché cows herd lolwut nasa phrase plan shot space switch twist world - 5217553664
Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Checkmate, Mayans!

2012 calendar cliché thyme time - 6630041600
Via Reddit

More Like Derping in Her Field, Amirite?

standing out old joke is old outstanding cliché literalism double meaning field - 6702741760
Created by xyzpdq1

That's What You Get When You're Stuck At the End of the Loin

cliché cold double meaning idiom late literalism Party shoulder - 5528890880
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

I Was Just Trying to Lighten the Mood!

cliché Hall of Fame inappropriate mine miner minor - 6361978368
Created by Chris ( Via Amazing Super Powers )

She is Also Perpetuating One of the Most Tired Puns on the Internet

cliché double meaning field girl literalism out outstanding standing - 6403542784
Created by xyzpdq1

Wait, How Did We Get Talking About Colors?

cliché facebook orange Pirate prefix sound status - 5244186624
Created by IG Joe


cliché Hall of Fame homophones lyrics Pokémon - 5883934976
Created by Unknown

Coincidentally, He's Upstanding Too

cliché double meaning field Hall of Fame literalism out outstanding scarecrow standing - 6227947008
Via Reddit

She Just Keeps Getting Left Hanging

fan literalism double meaning cliché - 6667959040
Created by xyzpdq1
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