Just Like I Need This Cliché

bread cliché dough Hall of Fame old joke is old - 5643647744
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

She is Also Perpetuating One of the Most Tired Puns on the Internet

cliché double meaning field girl literalism out outstanding standing - 6403542784
Created by xyzpdq1

Not So Secret Anymore

bag cat cliché double meaning idiom out - 5376216832
Created by GravityFish

Thanks, NPH

cliché dairy homophones how i met your mother legend legendary Neil Patrick Harris - 5523677952
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

I See What You Kitteh'd There

cat Cats cliché Hall of Fame ICWUDT kitten literalism lolwut similar sounding stupid - 5278688256
Created by Unknown

Under a Rest

arrest cliché double meaning homophones literalism rest tumblr under - 5593061376
Created by hund678

The Forecast Looks Bleak...

cliché Hall of Fame homophones nazi star wars T.Shirt weather - 5666957824
Created by btsmith3542

Meowa Culpa!

came cliché idiom lolcats saw similar sounding - 6510516480
Created by chech1965

Photographing All the Cosmic Party Rocks

cliché everyday Hall of Fame literalism Party rock shuffling similar sounding - 5923566080
Created by LOLdogexpert

That's an Opinion You Can Have About it, Sure...

amazing cliché corny double meaning homophone literalism maze - 5492994560
Created by Facinelli4ever

The Dramatic Pause Really Pushes This Over the Top

cliché csi double meaning literalism rimshot sunglasses well - 5198430720
Created by putmans ( Via www.thedoghousediaries.com )

That it Is...

broken cliché double meaning literalism pencil point pointless - 5666601728
Created by ElizaBell3

I Really Can't Help it Though...

advice be cliché dont - 5682400000
Created by Dominick

They're Trying to Pin a Crime On You, I Suspect

chamillionaire cliché hating lyrics old joke is old riding dirty rolling - 6572381440
Created by Unknown

Whale, Whale, Whale...

adorable cliché gifs Hall of Fame literalism question similar sounding well whale - 5850802944

Please Stop With This

cliché everyday sign similar sounding song stop - 5236495872
Created by Necohon
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