SMP CLASSIC-ish: Crumb for Me, Baby!

bread classic Hall of Fame lolwut sex similar sounding weird - 6215550208
Created by chrispogi220


classic logo lolwut mac OS similar sounding taco tacos - 5274695680

SMP CLASSIC: Let's Just Hope You're Resourceful in Your Devotion

big classic double meaning fan Hall of Fame literalism - 6324098304
Via Reddit


draw literalism bridge double meaning classic - 6752160512
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: The Loan Ranger

literalism loan homophone classic - 6952255488
Created by kthxbi ( Via Cyanide & Happiness )


classic disguise double meaning Hall of Fame literalism optimus prime semi slogan tagline transformers - 5076831488

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Let's Get Ready to... Bamboo?

abbreviation classic Hall of Fame panda shirt wrestling wwf - 5882165504
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Dumbledoor

classic dumbledore Harry Potter literalism double meaning - 6684706048
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: The Hazards of the Oregon Trail

classic died female name video game - 6165661184
Via Hello With Cheese

SMP CLASSIC: And You'd Better Watch Out!

spring idiom literalism classic corner - 7121651968

SMP CLASSIC: Pikachewbacca

chewbacca classic Hall of Fame neologism pikachu Pokémon portmanteau star wars Star Wars Day - 6188092416
Via Inkslip

SMP CLASSIC: But Only After He Soiled Himself

classic double meaning fear grow homophone literalism pair pear - 6622232320

SMP CLASSIC: ... But Not a Hairy One

camel innuendo toe misinterpretation literalism double meaning classic - 6752020480
Created by Hypotherm

SMP CLASSIC: I've Had Enough of Your Sass, Alfred!

DC drawn bath literalism batman bruce wayne double meaning classic - 6943991296

SMP Classic: Pun Lennon

the Beatles gloves john lennon similar sounding advice classic - 6877907200
Via Completely Serious Comics
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