SMP CLASSIC: Hella Chill Brownies, Bro

cool sunglasses brownies literalism temperature double meaning classic - 6813087488
Via Julia Segal

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Castle Grayscale

castle classic he man literalism similar sounding - 6474420480
Created by Unknown

Classic: A Nigel Thornberry Joint

smashing pumpkins nigel thornberry classic - 7150426368
Created by Cruncle

SMP CLASSIC: A Counter Argument

argument classic counter double meaning literalism - 6174214912
Created by rhfjhguibhfr

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Crumb for Me, Baby!

bread classic Hall of Fame lolwut sex similar sounding weird - 6215550208
Created by chrispogi220

SMP CLASSIC: These Two Have Nothing But Compliments For Each Other!

classic compliments double meaning literalism rock rule ruler - 6630780928
Created by Meqad

SMP CLASSIC: But Only After He Soiled Himself

classic double meaning fear grow homophone literalism pair pear - 6622232320

SMP CLASSIC: He Was Quite Foal of it, If You Will

classic doctors horse prognosis stable - 6492737280
Created by hongalabongala

A Tail of Two Kittehs

cat Cats classic homophone literalism novel parody tail tale title - 4614071552
Created by Snake73

SMP CLASSIC: Martin Loofah King, Jr.

loofah similar sounding literalism classic martin luther king jr - 6928899584
Created by .Kenji

SMP CLASSIC: Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

classic Hall of Fame martin luther king jr speech - 5701967872

SMP CLASSIC: Otterly Inseparable

classic Hall of Fame literalism otter otters similar sounding Valentines day - 5801506560


classic comparison famous ferris bueller Movie - 4037633536
Created by el_wuffel

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Snakes on a Plane

classic double meaning literalism plane snakes snakes on a plane - 6568049408
Created by Sup123

SMP CLASSIC: Our Father, Who Art in Gardens

lettuce literalism homophones double meaning pray classic - 6837977344
Created by .Kenji

SMP CLASSIC: It's Also Greasy With Thumbprints

classic double meaning final frontier Hall of Fame keyboard literalism space space bar - 6041846272
Created by Lucky810