draw literalism bridge double meaning classic - 6752160512
By xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Martin Loofah King, Jr.

loofah similar sounding literalism classic martin luther king jr - 6928899584
By .Kenji

SMP CLASSIC-ish: ... But Didn't Nobel Invite Dynamite?

classic dynamite Hall of Fame lyrics similar sounding song tayo cruz - 5674339072
By LOLdogexpert

Classic: A Nigel Thornberry Joint

smashing pumpkins nigel thornberry classic - 7150426368
By Cruncle

A Tail of Two Kittehs

cat Cats classic homophone literalism novel parody tail tale title - 4614071552
By Snake73


classic comparison famous ferris bueller Movie - 4037633536
By el_wuffel


adage bird birds classic confused old wrong - 4397589760
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

classic Hall of Fame martin luther king jr speech - 5701967872
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Hella Chill Brownies, Bro

cool sunglasses brownies literalism temperature double meaning classic - 6813087488
Via Julia Segal


classic logo lolwut mac OS similar sounding taco tacos - 5274695680
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Otterly Inseparable

classic Hall of Fame literalism otter otters similar sounding Valentines day - 5801506560
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Tearable Puns

tearable tear terrible puns homophone double meaning literalism classic - 6660218880
By Spencer Jarrett

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Castle Grayscale

castle classic he man literalism similar sounding - 6474420480
By Joe Morahan

SMP CLASSIC: Attempted Murder

classic crows double meaning Hall of Fame literalism murder - 6133358336
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time time literalism double meaning classic - 6788414464
Via Nightmare On Sesame Street Hockey

SMP CLASSIC: Our Father, Who Art in Gardens

lettuce literalism homophones double meaning pray classic - 6837977344
By .Kenji
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