SMP CLASSIC: The Loan Ranger

literalism loan homophone classic - 6952255488
Created by kthxbi ( Via Cyanide & Happiness )

SMP Classic: Pun Lennon

the Beatles gloves john lennon similar sounding advice classic - 6877907200
Via Completely Serious Comics

SMP CLASSIC: Our Father, Who Art in Gardens

lettuce literalism homophones double meaning pray classic - 6837977344
Created by .Kenji

SMP CLASSIC: Together We Shall Wash Away Intolerance

classic Hall of Fame literalism loofah martin luther king jr similar sounding - 5702488064
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Hella Chill Brownies, Bro

cool sunglasses brownies literalism temperature double meaning classic - 6813087488
Via Julia Segal


classic Hall of Fame missing letter typo warning - 6461494272
Created by lemonfloorwax

SMP CLASSIC: Dumbledoor

classic dumbledore Harry Potter literalism double meaning - 6684706048
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Dog, the Bounty Hunter

bounty brand classic dogs double meaning literalism - 6077976832
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC-ish: ... But Didn't Nobel Invite Dynamite?

classic dynamite Hall of Fame lyrics similar sounding song tayo cruz - 5674339072
Created by LOLdogexpert

SMP CLASSIC: Real Love Seems So Far Out of Reach

angry classic double meaning family ladder prefix step step ladder - 6537597952
Via Punblr

Too Easy!

classic double meaning geology Hall of Fame name punk question rock test three types - 5145361664
Created by Reinforcement

SMP CLASSIC: Attempted Murder

classic crows double meaning Hall of Fame literalism murder - 6133358336
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: These Two Have Nothing But Compliments For Each Other!

classic compliments double meaning literalism rock rule ruler - 6630780928
Created by Meqad

SMP CLASSIC: It's Also Greasy With Thumbprints

classic double meaning final frontier Hall of Fame keyboard literalism space space bar - 6041846272
Created by Lucky810

SMP CLASSIC: Buddha Dharma Sci-Fi Laser Blaster

boba fett buddha classic Hall of Fame juxtaposition literalism similar sounding star wars Star Wars Day - 6188066048
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time time literalism double meaning classic - 6788414464
Via Nightmare On Sesame Street Hockey
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