SMP CLASSIC-ish: Let's Get Ready to... Bamboo?

abbreviation classic Hall of Fame panda shirt wrestling wwf - 5882165504
By xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: ... But Not a Hairy One

camel innuendo toe misinterpretation literalism double meaning classic - 6752020480
By Hypotherm

SMP CLASSIC: 555 Numbers Are ALWAYS Trustworthy

call classic double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation - 6481259776
By Mission_Possible

SMP CLASSIC: I've Had Enough of Your Sass, Alfred!

DC drawn bath literalism batman bruce wayne double meaning classic - 6943991296
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Our Father, Who Art in Gardens

lettuce literalism homophones double meaning pray classic - 6837977344
By .Kenji

SMP CLASSIC: Still No Change

doctor literalism change status condition double meaning classic - 6712134656
By jojodmo2010 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

SMP CLASSIC: Fancy Fruit is Fancy

peel appealing homophone literalism double meaning banana classic - 6634883328
By Herb1990


draw literalism bridge double meaning classic - 6752160512
By xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: It's a Little Chewy

steak star wars chewy chewbacca wookiee double meaning classic - 6976825600
By StarFireKitty666


baseball classic pun puns sports whos-on-first - 3939734272
By Feline_Groovy


book classic literature Pokémon rhyme rhyming title - 4313244416
Via andrewq.tumblr.com

SMP CLASSIC: Beauty...

beauty bee beholder classic definition Hall of Fame idiom literalism similar sounding - 6153862912
Via Failbag

SMP CLASSIC: And You'd Better Watch Out!

spring idiom literalism classic corner - 7121651968
By Unknown


advice classic Hall of Fame megatron negative optimist optimus prime similar sounding transformers - 5273577216
By Unknown


adage bird birds classic confused old wrong - 4397589760
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Haha! Taxidermy!

question answer conversation human literalism stuffed sandwich food classic offer wolf - 7138813184
By Unknown
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