You Could Say Their Visuals Are Pretty Basic

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown

Will Smith's Career Takes a Hot New Turn

question surname answer misinterpretation double meaning will smith black - 7002000384
Created by MasuHUN


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Felines in Paris

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Because They've Clearly Never Listened to the Band D*shwäsher Before

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Via Gershwinning


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Why Does Snoop Dogg Need Anything?

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Created by xyzpdq1

It's a Little TL;DR, But I Promise It's Worth It

answer clever hell question - 4951699712
Created by SpartasChampion

But How Else is He Going to Finance His Radio Crustation?

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Created by Raptor2213 ( Via Evil Comic )


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Ken is a Really Amiable Guy

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Yarrrrr We Do

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Created by Kylebustin ( Via kylebustin.tumblr.com )

Classic Newb Hipster Mistake!

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Created by deathwish01b

Welcome to Television Circa 2013

question innuendo answer gross double entendre advice - 7114657792
Via Masterpiece in Chaos

Sonic Resents That Remark

question answer advice hedgehog double meaning - 7104304128
Created by Unknown
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