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Funeral for a Fly

art fly funeral - 4659244544
By TheMetalCat (Via www.facebook.com)
best of week epic movies teletubbies trailers Video - 29578753

Epic Movie Trailer

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art statues wtf - 4451385088
By Unknown

I Whip My Leaves Back and Forth

tree wtf - 5487023872
By Mistevity

Physic Defying Shoes

cool wtf mindwarp funny - 7788112640
By Unknown

The Bat Has Landed

airplane batman city wtf - 5135948544
By maxystone


best of week creepy wtf - 5921207296
By butterflyperception


OverKill 9000 people ride train wtf - 3811686656
By Unknown

Big Dawg

dogs kids ride wtf - 4544874240
By cyanidemartini

Cookie Cutter Kids

wtf - 5897862912
By butterflyperception
awesome Japan really wtf Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 13327105


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OK...Something Happened Here That I Don't Want to Know About

adult baby creepy wtf - 4895525376
By christellar
christmas christmas tree Japan Video wtf - 76961025

And This is What The Running Christmas Tree in Tokyo is

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I'm Tired of These Monkey Fighting Falcons on This Monday to Friday Plane!

Cheezburger Image 7022427648
Via Reddit

Mirrors Never Lie

wtf art mirrors seems legit - 7405967104
Via Perseues

No One Expects the Spanish Soundsystem!

crazy speakers truck wtf - 5247753216
By Alexwin