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10/10: Would Buy

Ad Nyan Cat - 6544928512

The Question That's Plagued Humankind Forever

shoes wtf signs funny - 7778925056
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Holy Fruits!

fruits wtf - 6372030208
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You'll Never Have to Sweep Again!

dogs boots pet - 6890545664
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Strawberry Owl

best of week bird Owl photoshop wtf - 5773245696
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OMG Japanese Food!!!

3d cool food wtf - 5981986560
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bad idea bike race shark wtf - 3775875840

Amazing Talent Is Amazing

talent TV vacuum cleaner wtf - 6379515904
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costume creepy cute furries kids wtf - 4153488128


awesome costume weird wtf - 4199351808
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The Giants...They Come From the Floor!

art creepy floor wtf - 4805388544
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Pure Genius

building genius kids playground - 6595780864
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Wall Person

exit lights person shadow wall - 6621307136
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No Wonder The 9th Hole is Par 47

golf wtf water - 7962311168
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Yaoi Also Means "Big Hands."

eww hands huge manga - 4648776448
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Children These Days!

wtf anime sad but true funny children - 7577654016
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