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That's a Purty Mouth

farm inflatable wtf - 5373511168
Created by Matt

Off The Wall Learning Experience

school wtf seats funny - 7841930240
Via Gakuran Rakuen
dead taxidermy Video - 38484225


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We Wear Our Sunglasses at Night...

dogs wtf - 5837842176
Created by el.carl2

Samara Waiting For The Bus

bus stop the ring wtf - 6280338432
Created by butterflyperception

A House of Cards

art throne - 6906797056
Via Neatorama


acrobatics people real life weapons wtf - 3642749952
Created by Unknown

This Is The Amazing Waterfly!

butterfly water wtf - 5966832128
Created by butterflyperception

Fabulous Horse is Fabulous

snow horse head mask fabulous - 6835203072
Created by st3v3kk

Sweet Injuries

wtf funny seems legit - 7670629376
Via Unicorn Meat is Too Mainstream

Grandma is Knockout

boxing grandma wtf - 7970790912
Created by Unknown

They Said I Could Be Anything...

dogs horse shopped pixels they said i could be anything - 6591588096
Created by Unknown
Blood Japan Music really wtf Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 13617921


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Prom of the Futurepast

costume future robots time travel wtf - 4818695424
Via geyser of awesome

Love, Redefined

wtf zombie love funny - 7826529280
Created by ToolBee


art children wtf - 3319403520
Created by Unknown