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A New Species of Crab

wtf heads crabs funny - 7545376000
Via Follow The Fishies

CD Falcon

art awesome bird wtf - 6424077312
Created by GalderGollum ( Via Sean E Avery )

Eye Dig This Suit

wtf funny - 7858181632

This Man Has Seen Too Much Internet

wtf robots funny - 7882831872

Kayaking with the Ducks!

awesome ducks fun - 4621245440
Via damnthatswhack.tumblr.com

Stayin' Cool...

bike cool good idea ice wtf - 4758040320
Created by Snake73
baseball Japan the ring - 54082817

Sadako Yamamura Throws Out the First Pitch at a Japanese Baseball Game

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WTF Children's Books

childrens-books dr seuss wtf - 6595746560
Created by tamaleknight ( Via Bob Staake )

Turning Cavities Into Masterpieces

art carving teeth wtf - 6456312320
Via Canneslions

Coat of Arms

fashion gloves - 6571875840

A Face To Forget

photoshop portrait wtf - 5844465152
Created by butterflyperception

God's Cupholders

god heaven religion - 6836800000
Via Pleated Jeans


children dude robots scary wtf - 3996674560
Created by Electrichaze

The Only Thing I'll Throw!

dinosaur wtf - 4667865344
Via epic4chan.tumblr.com

Alien Horses

alien horses Movie wtf - 6331362304
Via ferdinand-artwerk.blogspot.dk

His Girlfriend Got New Shoes

shoes wtf hands - 7301890048