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Charlie Sheep

sheep suit wtf - 4575272192
Created by Manwel

Reality is Hard Sometimes

wtf lion king really wtf funny - 7470874368
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All That Static is Going to Your Face

wtf gifs funny - 7470962176
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Batman the Redeemer

best of week jesus - 6310577920


creepy Forest wtf yikes - 3962888448


awesome cart computers OverKill 9000 trash wtf - 4349581056

Remember to Lock Up Your Rare Dorites Taco Before The Flavor Goes to Waste

taco bell wtf - 7877742336
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babe danger scary Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 13613825


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Ant Breakdancing

bugs wtf - 5800566272
Created by butterflyperception

The Dancing Towers in Hamburg, Germany

dancing wtf Germany buildings funny - 7406807296
Created by Cyberkedi

Hula Hoop Cats

cat cute family - 7020118272

There's A Lot Going on in This Movie

wtf monster Japan funny - 7453942272
Created by uglydollthud32 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Who Put That There?!?!

animal-non-human creepy scary snake wtf - 4791736832
Created by gratefuldave

Kermit Loves the Pumpkin Patch

kermit pumpkins trailers - 4576902912
Created by Unknown

This Is Why You Should Clean Your Shower Drain

best of week clean shower wrong wtf - 5433780992
Created by letmefinishbouncing


animals childrens book wtf - 4310089728
Created by MentallyDivergent