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Pooh, The Last Days

drinking wtf - 6075339008
Created by butterflyperception

That's One Ugly Baby

wig family portrait sloth - 6940483072
Via Neatorama

Oh Dammit, Not Again

wtf - 4890900992
Created by idiotjim

Putting Their Lives on the Line to Protect Your Lawn

action guns lawn gnomes - 6612960512
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Your No-No Tube Looks Dusty

sand - 4585009920
Created by Snake73

A Bone Axe

axes wtf funny - 7899374592
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cheese fart Video - 77562113

This Machine Really Cuts the Cheese

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Minty Fresh!

leaves nature toilet wtf - 4972665344
Created by -Ghost-

Gotta Keep Your Head Safe

wtf funny g rated poorly dressed - 7909983744

Requires Helmets

booze drunk pig wtf - 3756222208
Created by Bobster

What Can I Getcha, Bub?

underwater drinking wtf awesome robots - 7340758784
Created by SultanofSchadenfreude

The Many Faces of Lincoln

lincoln metal drawing wizard cowboy faces - 6723639808

I've Got Lenin on My Mind

head lenin mind wtf - 5645201920
Created by butterflyperception

That's Not Smart

Subway - 6665668096
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My Fishing Truck

fish paint truck - 5983250176
Created by el.carl2

Come Back to Bed

bed creepy alien taxidermy - 6760431616
Via Reddit
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