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Geek House

best of week computer nerd wtf - 5727589120
Created by butterflyperception

I Like Both Those Products, Man

cigarettes wtf - 5176738560
Created by -Ghost-

Because Ferrets Love Politics

animals obama politics wtf - 4508745216
Created by ekahnicole

Creepiest Statue EVER

Babies wtf statue - 7186483200
Created by WinterLove111

Falcon Punch!

kid martial arts wtf - 5487006464
Created by Mistevity

Sweet Injuries

wtf funny seems legit - 7670629376
Via Unicorn Meat is Too Mainstream

Cant Tell If Parade or LSD...

parade lsd monster costume - 6698821632
Created by LolhunterD

A Disembodied Head of David Duchovny Gets Hit By Several Smaller Disembodied Heads of David Duchovny

wtf gifs - 8018520576
Via Martin Olsson

The Original Beavis And Butthead Sure Was Different

anime beavis and butthead wtf - 7941031168
Created by Unknown

Peripheral Vision WTF

GIF of celebrity doppelgangers
Created by Unknown


fish santa santa claus underwater wtf - 4291417344
Created by Unknown

Glad You Could Make It to Our Shindig

wtf bears creepy Party - 7171703040
Created by Unknown
dancing Video wtf - 15981313

Just a Normal Day at the Station

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rubber suit wtf - 4263054336
Created by Unknown


Funny picture of the perfect dancing shoes which have Legos all over them with the caption joking that nobody will want to step on your toes with these on.
Created by Unknown


gifs creepy - 6972882944
Via Reddit
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