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Protecting Their Own

cops wtf creepy pig funny - 7793510912


chicken kids wtf - 3208174848

Totally Fake, No One Uses a VCR Anymore

paint street wtf - 6068752128
Created by el.carl2

Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

creepy makeup nightmare fuel - 6602296832
Via Reddit

Do You Mind

bathroom insect newspaper wtf - 5567945216
Created by butterflyperception

We Have Found Out What an Evil Giraffe Is

animal-non-human best of week evil giraffes wtf - 5818337536
bubbles eww Movie ninja vagina Video wtf - 8450305


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I See Beard People

beard scream - 6725933824
Via Pleated Jeans


dogs SOON tiger wtf - 5731825664
Created by el.carl2

Chalk Art by David Zinn

3d Aliens chalk art cool - 6629416704
Via David Zinn

Time to Flex

wtf anime masks funny - 7158667264
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Classic: Epic Skateboard

yikes epic gifs win - 6949135360

This Season's Hottest Beard Accessory!

beard squirrel gift hipster - 6870417408
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Illusory Lady

drawing illusion lady wtf - 6484122880
Created by Nsias313

Don't Mess With the Warlock

sword wtf - 5742004736
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via j-scott-campbell (Source may contain obscene material) )

What's The Other Boob For?

baby Father wtf - 4735198976
Created by Snake73
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