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Excuse Me, My Eyes Are Down Here

costume wtf eyes fabulous funny - 7588998144
Via Tatu V

Another Typical Day on the Bus

bus costume octopus squid wtf - 5797078016
Created by FetziLandmine

Melting Stairs

amazing art stairs wtf - 4538582784
Via shrbr.tumblr.com

Black Metal Lawn Gnome

black metal lawn gnomes - 6516556544
Via Etsy

The Minions Have Awoken

eyes funny wtf - 7921547520
Via Eyebombing

When I Die, You Can Skip the Flowers

computer flowers wtf - 6475491072
Created by Unknown

Have You Ever Been So Angry That You Lifted a Shark?

angry best of week sharks wtf - 6359775488
Created by butterflyperception

The Legs Are The Most Frightening Part

wtf costume legs monster - 7199850496
Created by Unknown

Say Goodbye to Those Pesky Kids

kids slide - 6619065344
Created by Unknown
Cheezburger Image 694277

This Girl's Food Fetish Videos are a Recipe for Weird Boners

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dress fashion Video wtf - 22783489

Lifts Her Dress So You Don't Have To!

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All That Static is Going to Your Face

wtf gifs funny - 7470962176
Via Kidmorgraph


babes wtf - 4288547584
Created by Unknown
best of week Skyrim Video video games - 31506177

I Used to Shuffle Like You, But Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee

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This looks like a pokemon battle.

weird - 8985451264
Via ghouls-rush-in
puppets Video - 32914177

Mmmmmmake it Stop!

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