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Come to Cuddle Bear

bears couch giant funny wtf - 7916221696

Too Bad

animals elephant masturbation sign wtf - 5049587456
Created by Vanos_Ira

Gator Pig

alligator costume pig wtf - 5029305600
Created by maxystone ( Via vi.sualize.us )

A Land of Cotton Candy

awesome - 4667858688
Via flickr.com


trains wtf - 3055823360

Some People Need Special Accessories When Ordering Mexican

fashion - 6567284480
Created by sunset7766

Do You Drive Around a Seemingly Empty Scooter?

ninja scooter wtf - 5688699136
Created by butterflyperception

Bed Snail

bed snail wtf - 5809308160
Created by el.carl2

But Those Are the Best Parts

gender bender gay manga ladies - 6840931072
Created by RalphHunter

The Day After The Robot Apocalypse

robots scary wtf - 4612331008
Created by Rossum

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Bikes

bikes they see me rollin yo dawg - 5574631936
Created by itroitnyah
best of week Video - 27920385

Weekly Terrible: Didn't Know This Was Possible

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But Will They Bring Him Back?

Cheezburger Image 8985270528
Via ghuleh-ice-tunafish83


kfc pink wtf - 3472109824

The Supreme Leader's Supreme Makeover

kim jong-un North Korea - 6997701632

Jesusbot, Roll Out!

jesus transformers religion car - 7132703744
Via I Heart Chaos
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