Chances of a geek trying to hit on a girl

college flirting games geeks girls high school playing rich video games work - 2168196352
By czaries

Forever a Scapegoat

blame Pie Chart Sad work - 4871318528
By pcman1985

My Day at Work

job work Pie Chart - 6875045376
By Chrispystonerd

sh*t I'll Get Fired For

fired stealing truth work - 2109629696
By Scarlet_letterman84

All The Joys of the Work Day

Bar Graph work - 7909657600
By Unknown

Those emails are not going to be mark as read by themselves

emails charts funny work - 8015895296
By thewayne3

A Watched Clock Never Ends a Meeting

meetings work Pie Chart - 7990061056
By markot9

Taking an over time shift

day Line Graph morning week work - 2437013248
By defragmenter

Uses of a laser pointer

animals business Cats dogs work - 1784627968
By Tearz`

What's left in the vending machine at work

vending machine water work - 2109040384
By kortir

Amount of times my boss uses the F word

boss curse words microsoft work - 1512638208
By Unknown

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Pie Chart time weekend work - 5382839808
By Unknown

Meeting Length vs. Will To Live

good hours kill length Line Graph meeting suck work - 2662843648
By lizerdbits

How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Holiday Party

cool guide alcohol job drunk work after 12 g rated - 6878819584
Via Grubstreet

Workplace Urgency

days FRIDAY likely task work - 2117835520
By charliepacific29

Reasons I wear headphones at work

headphones job Music Pie Chart work - 6283786752
By Unknown