Chances of a geek trying to hit on a girl

college flirting games geeks girls high school playing rich video games work - 2168196352
By czaries

How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Holiday Party

cool guide alcohol job drunk work after 12 g rated - 6878819584
Via Grubstreet

You Can Learn So Much When You're Bored at Work

work magnets - 7819790848
By Unknown

Work Is the Only Reason

good idea pants work - 7334386688
By Laughriot68

Sleepiness on a normal workday

tired work Line Graph sleep brain - 6772789504
By Unknown

The Worst Office Ever

boss Maps Office the worst work - 6175774720
Via Pleated Jeans

Probability of Customers Showing Up During My Shift

customers likely Office work - 1413923072
By lisabel7

Universal Management Flow Chart

boss flow chart work - 6016833536
By Benjamin F Jones (Via graphitebunny)

Satisfaction Never Smelled So Sweet

bathroom humor Pie Chart pooping work - 5600141056
By Unknown

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Pie Chart time weekend work - 5382839808
By Unknown

My Day at Work

job work Pie Chart - 6875045376
By Chrispystonerd

And That Orange Slice? It's a High Score in Candy Crush

pie charts work graphs funny - 4488096512
By pmcgee

The Angry Bird Effect

angry birds work - 5693810176
By chibibailey (Via

Let Them Play Around You

kids Pie Chart playing work - 5053602816
By Unknown

Temperature of vehicle while heading to work

cars leaving Line Graph out parking parking space road temperature trucks vehicle work - 2980357888
By rob222

I Can't Stop

Bar Graph internet work - 6103188992
By Unknown
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