Bar Graph customer hate retail work - 3738237184
Created by samhainophilia

Noises from my office building's toilet stalls

keys noises Office rude toilet toilet paper work - 2172824832
Created by Brown

When customers want something

job work customers Pie Chart - 6903278080
Created by Lizadeth

boss flow chart work - 3995193344


bad drinks feel find flirting free happy jokes money Office racist save stealing venn diagram work - 2833954304
Created by krizleykrislo

How to Remember New People's Names

jobs names remember work - 6610933248
Via Bite

Level of Trust vs. Occupation

cars doctor engineer homeless job teacher trust work - 2080691456
Created by tentilizer

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Pie Chart time weekend work - 5382839808
Created by Unknown

be a man business mulan Pie Chart work - 4144723456
Created by madruga

Appropriate uses for notepad during department meetings

meeting work notes Pie Chart - 7035548928
Created by Unknown

Meeting Length vs. Will To Live

good hours kill length Line Graph meeting suck work - 2662843648
Created by lizerdbits

How time is spent at work on Fridays.

bar computer fantasy FRIDAY internet lolcats lunch thinking weekend work youtube - 2029713664
Created by Whisperia

He Knows!

Bar Graph bosses self referential work - 5915267840
Created by Unknown

Why I Look at GraphJam at Work

graph jam Pie Chart sad but true work - 6471828224
Created by bssdude726

Availability of my waiter/waitress over the course of a meal

availability Bar Graph drinks food hair meal need ready restaurant waiter waitress work - 3134872320
Created by chadcole26


children cursing language video games work - 1880305408
Created by Unknown
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