A Watched Clock Never Ends a Meeting

meetings work Pie Chart - 7990061056
Created by markot9

Unless There's Free Food In the Office

flow chart sick work yes - 5038536960
Via This Isn't Happiness

Amount of ink in a pen

amount Bar Graph ink paper pen work writing - 3087783424
Created by jamsmonroe

Working From Home

avoid drink font home lunch Pie Chart porn searching work working youtube - 3095365888
Created by redGiant_Creative

grammar money people Pie Chart Starbucks university work - 3599287552
Created by Eddie6422

Too Cute To Work

dogs Bar Graph puppies work cute - 7846034432
Created by Unknown

Retail: The customer is always

asshole customers retail right work - 2498827520
Created by KingTomburger

Fundamental Differences

bathrooms boyfriend class food girlfriend morning p33n school sleep work - 1811327232
Created by Unknown

Eating Fish at Work

work food eating - 7061203200
Via I Love Charts

PJs? You Should Be Naked All Day!

commute home NSFW Pie Chart work - 5064712448
Created by truegrey42

I Put the "Pro" in "Procrastination"

pro procrastination time work - 6013284608
Created by Unknown


children cursing language video games work - 1880305408
Created by Unknown

Why I Look at GraphJam at Work

graph jam Pie Chart sad but true work - 6471828224
Created by bssdude726

Odds of dropping my cell phone

cars Cats cell phone technology toilet work - 1646801664
Created by sheri992

When customers want something

job work customers Pie Chart - 6903278080
Created by Lizadeth

A Grad’s Guide to Freelancing

school work infographic - 7867948800
Created by neomam ( Via )
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