How Happy I Am With My Job

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By slemory

A Good Rule of Thumb on Powerpoint Presentations

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Via estreitinho

Oh No, Did I Just Finish My Work Email With "I Love You,"?

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By Unknown

Facebook Encounters

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By rmyoung

Where you can pee v. age

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Level of Trust vs. Occupation

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By tentilizer

How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Holiday Party

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Via Grubstreet

Do You Also Get Bored In Meetings?

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By Unknown

How Awkard Moments Work

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By Edgey

Gamer Life Cycle

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By VLDragon

Odds of dropping my cell phone

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By sheri992

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By TermsOfService


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By krizleykrislo

My Job

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By Unknown

All The Joys of the Work Day

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By Unknown

Level of Alertness

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By taruuyu
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