Enjoy It While It Lasts

Pie Chart time weekend work - 5382839808
By Unknown

Bar Graph customer hate retail work - 3738237184
By samhainophilia

Workplace Urgency

days FRIDAY likely task work - 2117835520
By charliepacific29

Better Have a Meeting To Plan for the Meeting

meetings work pie graph - 7909326080
By markot9

Availability of my waiter/waitress over the course of a meal

availability Bar Graph drinks food hair meal need ready restaurant waiter waitress work - 3134872320
By chadcole26

How college works

college drive thru exams fast food hard high school study work - 2951002112
By lljdude

Uses of a laser pointer

animals business Cats dogs work - 1784627968
By Tearz`

Importance of Shoes

Bar Graph desk importance McDonald's school shoes summer work - 3281618944
By Unknown

Cushiest Job in the World

job Pie Chart work - 4368653568
By thelivingdrew

What Laptops are Used For

bed computer internet laptop new school work - 3155915520
By KimiGryphon

What my coworkers do when e-mailed a job to do

pie charts work graphs funny - 7562129408
By User#7465928

Society's Tolerance of Sexism

beer commercials politics sitcoms society work - 1708266240
By quietus6

What you do when the batteries for the TV remote die.

batteries channel die Pie Chart press TV work - 3189294848
By JasonBourne

Retail: The Customer Is Always

best of week jerks Memes Pie Chart retail work - 6325379328
By Unknown

I'd Just Be Too Much Work to Go Back to Sleep

Pie Chart sleep work - 5395712512
By Monkeygirl6000


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By krizleykrislo