When I'm Late for Work

boss laziness traffic work - 6532286720
By geekerry

Working From Home

avoid drink font home lunch Pie Chart porn searching work working youtube - 3095365888
By redGiant_Creative

Level of hunger while at work

hunger work Line Graph lunch graphs funny - 7506515200
By TrollCat86

People Are the Worst

group projects people Pie Chart school work - 4817470464
By loserfaceman

Why I Go to the Bathroom at Work

angry birds bathroom Pie Chart work - 6309001216
By mcdaash

Temperature of vehicle while heading to work

cars leaving Line Graph out parking parking space road temperature trucks vehicle work - 2980357888
By rob222

be a man business mulan Pie Chart work - 4144723456
By madruga

Don't Want Any Misunderstandings

pie charts bathrooms work graphs funny - 4489405184

I Put the "Pro" in "Procrastination"

pro procrastination time work - 6013284608
By Unknown

Falling asleep VS. being woken up

alarm annoying asleep impossible late simple sleep sleeping work - 2053864704
By breahali

My level of alertness

awake Bar Graph bed class level sleep work zombie - 2703016448
By Unknown

And That Orange Slice? It's a High Score in Candy Crush

pie charts work graphs funny - 4488096512
By pmcgee

It's More Fun With the Danger of Getting Caught

home NSFW Pie Chart work - 5082323200
By tabaco

Oh No, Did I Just Finish My Work Email With "I Love You,"?

email love Pie Chart work - 5929654272
By Unknown

When customers want something

job work customers Pie Chart - 6903278080
By Lizadeth

Why I have no idea what to do for a living

job work venn diagram - 7027957248
By IamLordVoldemort