Snooze Button

Bar Graph snooze button work - 6583164928
Created by Unknown

Sleepiness on a normal workday

tired work Line Graph sleep brain - 6772789504
Created by Unknown

The Worst Office Ever

boss Maps Office the worst work - 6175774720
Via Pleated Jeans

Percent of Green and Red Lights While Driving

Bar Graph driving early green late lights red traffic work - 2447195392
Created by KingMercury531

And That Orange Slice? It's a High Score in Candy Crush

pie charts work graphs funny - 4488096512
Created by pmcgee

I'd Just Be Too Much Work to Go Back to Sleep

Pie Chart sleep work - 5395712512
Created by Monkeygirl6000

Uses of a laser pointer

animals business Cats dogs work - 1784627968
Created by Tearz`

Bar Graph customer hate retail work - 3738237184
Created by samhainophilia

Availability of my waiter/waitress over the course of a meal

availability Bar Graph drinks food hair meal need ready restaurant waiter waitress work - 3134872320
Created by chadcole26

Typical Situation

money never no typical venn diagram weekend work - 2664440576
Created by Jefftron

Oh No, Did I Just Finish My Work Email With "I Love You,"?

email love Pie Chart work - 5929654272
Created by Unknown

accents army characters dance fight Michael Bay movies noise package post Pie Chart plot school sing sports teens texas work - 3380992768
Created by Unknown

Work Is the Only Reason

good idea pants work - 7334386688
Created by Laughriot68

boss flow chart work - 3995193344

Universal Management Flow Chart

boss flow chart work - 6016833536
Created by Benjamin F Jones ( Via graphitebunny )

Modern Job Hunting Problems

jobs work toilet g rated - 7679606784
Created by Unknown