Don't let your eyes stray from the television, you might miss even more hilarious puns and jokes. 

glee internet Pie Chart super bowl television tumblr - 4413305088
By sneevley

Why Cookie Monster hates the internet

cookies noms Sesame Street television the internet - 3698452224
By upliftedd

Well, This Should Be Interesting

movies sci fi television the future - 4950466304
By Unknown

computer Pie Chart television video games - 4102984960
By Unknown

Damn You Canada!

Pie Chart television - 7976066816
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

That Tie

90s awesome bill nye the science guy Pie Chart television - 4948069120
By supermoron

Number of Deaths Experienced by Supernatual Characters

Death Supernatural television - 7810518528
By Unknown

Good Thing I've Got Netflix

jersey shore mtv Pie Chart television wtf - 5052290304
By Hayley

Looks Like Their Seasons are Devolving Before Their Eyes!

Line Graph cartoons television ratings - 7849506560
By ptdspoofer

It's Okay, You Still Have Alfred

batman comics forever alone infographic movies Sad television - 4767943424
By Unknown

How much sense LOST makes

characters dork finding interesting Line Graph lost mind Pie Chart sense sex shoot television TV understand walking - 3300544768
By Kittehmastr

Things That Happen on LOST

lost monster television time Travel - 1735336704
By kibbles

Missed the Target Audience by Decades

best of week Bronies my little pony Pie Chart television - 5365974016
By CheezburgurMuncher

character television venn diagram - 3753805568
By i-know-its-hard-to-fall

Just Like To Catch a Predator

educational lying Pie Chart reference television - 4443822848
By Unknown

Re-Plotted: Unless They Get Blown Up

celeb killer Pie Chart television - 4868964608
By CharlieBBenz