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How much sense LOST makes

characters dork finding interesting Line Graph lost mind Pie Chart sense sex shoot television TV understand walking - 3300544768
By Kittehmastr

Breaking Bad for ALL the Categories!

breaking bad television - 7821573120

blanket cold Heat Pie Chart television temperature - 4122242560
By crablock1

Good Thing I've Got Netflix

jersey shore mtv Pie Chart television wtf - 5052290304
By Hayley

Things That Happen on LOST

lost monster television time Travel - 1735336704
By kibbles

Pie Chart television window - 4234693632
By AkimboJavelin

Will It Boom?

explosions fact flow chart myth mythbusters television - 4712468992
By Terranstar

Re-Plotted: Unless They Get Blown Up

celeb killer Pie Chart television - 4868964608
By CharlieBBenz

Things Dora the Explorer has accomplished teaching little girls

dora the explorer english girls spanish teaching teamwork television - 2417980672
By Unknown


cake educational explosions Pie Chart reality tv television tlc - 6449032704
By Unknown

The Fresh Prince of Delta Air

infographic television will smith - 4586733824
By Unknown

I Knew It...Wasn't You the Whole Time, Totally

killer movies mystery Pie Chart television - 4840391168
By Unknown

Hank Azaria Is the Man!

infographic simpsons television voices - 4678825472

In Their Defense, You Can Stream Firefly

movies netflix television venn diagram - 4614157056
By bert3GS

Fantastical Fictive Beers

beer alcohol Chart poster television - 7866709504
Via pop chart lab

Walter White is Not Know For His Optimism

breaking bad television - 7824686848
By Unknown