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commercials rage reality tv television - 3803331584
By duopixel

Who's that Creepy Pianist Again?

characters glee television venn diagram - 5226319360
By jthigpen

In Their Defense, You Can Stream Firefly

movies netflix television venn diagram - 4614157056
By bert3GS

I Gotta Get a Fancy Hat

heroes movies television venn diagram video games - 4625926144
By BatterySphere

fiction flow chart television - 3831701504
By jonrite

Malignant? Moronic? Mediocre?

Bar Graph mtv Music television - 4821456384
By Ninja_Beefcake

The Sad Reality

brain crying Pie Chart reality screaming television - 4242393600
By screaminggryphon

The News I Learn

cnn Media news stephen colbert television - 3656529152
By waffle569


cake educational explosions Pie Chart reality tv television tlc - 6449032704
By Unknown

How Do They Hide the Wrinkles?

actors Pie Chart teenagers television - 4962022656
By jmoskwa99

They Do Have the Power Rangers Movie, Though

movies netflix television venn diagram - 4916503808
By tsel

It's Just So Tense!

Pie Chart reality tv television - 5323218944
By FandomTheory

Emotion Sickness

Babies emotions Pie Chart sickness television - 4543202304
By Unknown

Why Friends and How I Met Your Mother Are the Same Show

how i met your mother friends television - 7821542144

Walter White is Not Know For His Optimism

breaking bad television - 7824686848
By Unknown

I Sure Wish I Had Her Backpack

dora the explorer Pie Chart spanish television - 5062739456
By tapemonster