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No, Don't Tell Me What You Like!

commercials mom Pie Chart tampons television - 4249159680

backpack kids nickelodeon Pie Chart spanish television - 4196996352
By sherryking

Why Friends and How I Met Your Mother Are the Same Show

how i met your mother friends television - 7821542144

The Psychology of the Breaking Bad Home Infographic

breaking bad psychology television - 7818891008
By neomam (Via

It's Okay, You Still Have Alfred

batman comics forever alone infographic movies Sad television - 4767943424
By Unknown

Number of Deaths Experienced by Supernatual Characters

Death Supernatural television - 7810518528
By Unknown

Thereby Interrupting the Meaningful Life Lesson He Was About to Learn

doctor house Pie Chart television - 4878672128
By dodotox

Things You See In An Episode of Star Trek

Aliens Bar Graph bathrooms space Star Trek television Travel weapons - 3655703296
By Stl_Cardinals_Fan

I Gotta Get a Fancy Hat

heroes movies television venn diagram video games - 4625926144
By BatterySphere

The King's Speech Could Take a Lesson

actors drama glee musicals oscars television venn diagram - 4493734656
By hadleyhansen

Sausage Rockets and Chicken Guns

television venn diagram - 4618969856

That Tie

90s awesome bill nye the science guy Pie Chart television - 4948069120
By supermoron

To Know Is to Love

friendship is magic my little pony television venn diagram - 4820042752
By dantheman007a

Just Like To Catch a Predator

educational lying Pie Chart reference television - 4443822848
By Unknown

Bar Graph family television - 3826644224
By Unknown

It's Just So Tense!

Pie Chart reality tv television - 5323218944
By FandomTheory