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Bart Really Is a Brat

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By Unknown

Oh Wait, You Didn't Want Poo In There?

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By Longshotz5798

Just Once More, Please

batteries control lazy Pie Chart remote television - 4982594560
By rumblejumble

How Do They Hide the Wrinkles?

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By jmoskwa99

How to Host a Downton Abbey Dinner Party

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By neomam (Via

Remote Quality Control

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By Brown

Dexter's Last Victim Was Season 8's Ratings

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By Unknown

Screw You Guys, I'm Going To Win Accolades

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By Unknown

Damn You Canada!

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By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Pie Chart Pokémon television Theme Song - 4055210496
By Unknown

The News I Learn

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By waffle569

Missed the Target Audience by Decades

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By CheezburgurMuncher

Confidence in Understanding Spanish Vs. Who's Speaking it

class Line Graph Movie spanish speakers speaking television understanding - 3067017984

fiction flow chart television - 3831701504
By jonrite

I Sure Wish I Had Her Backpack

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By tapemonster

Cake-Shop Owning Little People Going Wedding Dress Shopping With Their Many, Many Chidren

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By Unknown