Pie Chart

food hungry lunch mind Pie Chart school stomach - 4551090944
Created by emalina

Days I wake up early.

Pie Chart school sleep weekends Y U NO - 6622341888
Created by jtest27

Reasons Why I Hate the Rain

wet glasses rain Pie Chart - 6875696640
Created by BioBark

One Was Enough

glee Pie Chart terrible - 5246392064

computer mouse Pie Chart - 3885673728

Things House M.D Has Taught Me

doctor TV disease House MD Pie Chart - 6907478528

Japan Mario Kart nintendo Pie Chart - 4108715264
Created by ssnider23

Do You Even Remember the Hand Signals?

driving FAIL Pie Chart - 5278400000
Created by Godzillan

What makes the world go round?

love graphs funny money Pie Chart - 7521069568

I Didn't Even Know Some of These Were Options

Pie Chart salad toppings - 5296331776
Created by noisebeard

Uses of "click here if your browser doesn't automatically redirect you"

automatic browser click computer internet Pie Chart - 3287417344
Created by Metu

But the Store Is So Big!

lazy Pie Chart - 5251621632
Created by HoodieHorrorGirl

Who Needs a Job?

graduation internet Pie Chart school - 4825352704
Created by wefallandwefly

Uses for Hand Sanitizer

finding hand sanitizer hands Pie Chart - 2557062656
Created by ironwoman358

As Free as the Wind Blows

dancing Home Alone Pie Chart singing - 5326648576
Created by isabiebertywalk

What If I Left My Personal Massager In My Room?!

anxiety college forgetting home leaving Pie Chart - 5179971584
Created by hurricaneallegra
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