Can I Please "Un-Know" It?

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My Truths Shall Set The Chains of Ignorance Aflame

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Via Neckbeard Magnet
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Sarah Palin's Teleprompter Broke at the Iowa Freedom Summit This Past Weekend

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Our Hearts Go Out to You, Ryan

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The Best Way to Treat a Cold

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I See What You Did There (But I Wish I Didn't)

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Damn This IKEA Furniture!

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Andrew Wiggins... Sorta...

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Guy texts friend whose dad died so he can sell MLM health supplements.

Guy Reconnects With High School Friend to Use Dad's Recent Passing to Sell Health Supplements

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Chillin' With Mai Waifu

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Way to Break the News!

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She's My One True Love

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When the Person Being Pranked Just Isn't in the Mood...

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Awkward Moment of the Day: Applause Track Exposed at 2015 SAG Awards

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Oh, Happy Birthday Also

Dad refuses to accept defeat, so an amusement park employee takes their petty revenge | r/pettyrevenge u/TheGreatPinoy 2y Join work at an amusement park, guests are rude but here's my favourite story work at an amusement park and run games there ones people always assume are rigged but reality just really hard. At my amusement park however have hockey game has 4 targets and have try and hit those targets 60 seconds get prize depending on fast can hit all four. Anyways, this family walks up

Dad Refuses To Accept Defeat, Amusement Park Employee Goes Full Petty

A good old Canadian amusement park.
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