Art of Trolling


They're Getting Out of Hand

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Discovery Channel Twitter Spittin' Hot Fire

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The Internet Laments Ever Changing Beauty Standards

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How to Make Every Programmer Your Sworn Enemy

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Pizza Hut is Trying to Troll Kanye by Suggesting He Work for Them to Address His Debt Issues

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Follow Me on Twitter... Literally!

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dog's ear looks like Trump

This Dog's Ear Looks Like Donald Trump And Twitter Is Freaking Out

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Wendy's is busy roasting people on Twitter in honor of national roast day, and these are awesome.

Wendy's Sets Twitter Ablaze With Fiery Insults On National Roast Day

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Time for Some Mature Humor

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Roses Are Red and Our Relationship's Dead

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Silence the Haters

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Definitely Sistahs

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Customer service workers describe the complaints that made them snap | flippy floppy @annikarainbow 00 Replying Keally22 Lmao red robin is worst. One time had woman complain her salad cold also had one customer tell they were "allergic ice brought them iced water and then they dumped water on floor

Complaints That Made Customer Service Workers Snap

Everyone has their breaking point.
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Update: Ryan Lochte Instagrams an Apology About His Rio Robbery Fairy Tale After the Internet Roasts Him

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Kenny G Knows What His Hands Are Good for, and Now So Does Everyone Else on the Internet

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Just Look at That Adoring Second Chin

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