Art of Trolling


Shut Up, San Francisco, No One Cares


I'm Gonna Get My Money's Worth


Glory to Jesus!

twitter nicki minaj failbook - 8312983040

So That's How It's Done!

one direction twitter song - 7125043200
Created by freshbru ( Via @FillWerrell )

Triple Your XP

twitter rumors trolling e3 mountain dew - 8111672576
Via Dril
trump memes of photoshopping a large sign board he was holding

The Internet Took the Opportunity to Photoshop Donald Trump With a Blank Sign and Ran With It

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comedian trolling a scammer

Troll Comedian Gets a Scam Call and Decides to Play Along

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Go for Gold, Bro

boxing chris brown domestic abuse twitter - 6486141952
Created by Unknown

Definitely the Tea

arizona rihanna twitter - 6534808064
Created by Unknown

They're Getting Out of Hand

twitter letters password - 6906653440
Via Twitter

*Rubs Front Legs Together*

fly twitter - 8326125824

It Sure Is

grammar stupid twitter - 6578524416
Created by Evan_Raz

When Lebron James Sits Out a Game from Cramps, Gatorade Knows Just How to Rib Him

twitter sports lebron james basketball - 8213378048
Via CBS Sports
twitter list Awkward - 700933

David Cameron Tried to Tweet About Watching a Space Launch, Can't Catch a Break

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twitter moon parody science - 1139973

The Internet Simply Refuses to Take the Supermoon Seriously

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murder twitter - 6761674496
Created by Unknown
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