Art of Trolling


donald trump narrating a nature program

People Imagine Donald Trump Narrating Planet Earth and It's Tremendous

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You Tryna Say Somethin' to Me?

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It Just Sorta Happened!

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twitter FAIL reactions UK funny - 1197829

UK Government Tweets Celebratory Photo of Wrong Bridge, and Twitter Is Having a Trolling Field Day

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wtf memes, awful memes, random memes, weird memes | Person - Alana Massey O @AlanaMassey Happy 4 year anniversary time had sex swamp and got UTI resisted 3 antibiotics and spread my kidneys! 7/24/17, 13:12 982 RETWEETS 2,468 LIKES

11 Awful Things From The Internet With No Redeeming Qualities

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twitter list brother trolling parenting family sister pranks - 874245

Son Secretly Replaced Photos in the House With Steve Buscemi and Mom Has Yet to Notice

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When Lebron James Sits Out a Game from Cramps, Gatorade Knows Just How to Rib Him

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Via CBS Sports

Almost Had Me There

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Created by kimbesse ( Via Twitter )
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KFC's Got a Bone to Pick With 'Clean Eaters' And They Tweeted Out One Fire-Starter of a Parody to Kick Things Off

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jokes about the last time team the chicago cubs won the world series

Twitter Users Share Amazing "Facts" About What Was Going on in the World Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

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Touché Netflix

image twitter netflix Touché Netflix
Via @NetflixUK
Marco Gutierrez claims us immigration will cause taco trucks to flood the streets

The Internet Rallies Behind #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner After Trump Surrogate Issues Immigration "Warning"

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An Amazon Package Trapped This Person in Their House, and Amazon Responded With a Terrible Pun

amazon package boxed in sassy twitter response
Via keepmywhiskeyneat

New Pair of Pants Needed

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At Least This Hockey Fan Knows What His Priorities Are

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I Bet He's a Dublé Bublé Guy

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